Sep 21 2007

Lots of black smoke over Alcoa north of us, maybe in the vicinity of East Hunt Road? Lots of scanner traffic from Alcoa FD positioning equipment. There are apparently some problems rerouting traffic around the scene.

Story as it unfolds after the jump...

UPDATE: Just heard on the scanner they are requesting Alcoa Electric to come out and secure some power lines where they are hosing. Still haven't heard the location...

UPDATE: Alcoa FD requests Blount (or Maryville?) FD to cover Alcoa for them for a while. Sounds like Alcoa FD has all available manpower and equipment on the scene.

UPDATE: The location may be in the vicinity of E. Hunt Road and Maryville Pike...

UPDATE: Sounds like Blount Co. FD now assisting at the scene...

UPDATE: Fire is under control.

UPDATE: Alcoa FD spokesperson says it is the old water treatment plant on Sam Houston School Rd. A "black liner" in one of the old tanks caught fire. All Alcoa FD units are on the scene, and they have requested assistance from Blount Co. FD.

Ed. Note: I believe this is near Lagrange Rd., just off Maryville Pike and near Edgewood Acres. Might want to avoid that area...

UPDATE: Captain on the scene requests dispatch to let nearby school know that the road (Sam Houston School Road?) is closed and may not be reopend by the time school is out and buses arrive. (Believe this would be Eagleton Elem.?)

UPDATE: (1:45) Fire is out, equipment being recovered.

UPDATE: "Media people" being let on the scene.

UPDATE: (2:05) Roads will be reopened soon, "shouldn't be too much longer."

UPDATE: (2:18) Alcoa FD Captain on the scene declares "command event terminated."

UPDATE: Alcoa FD thanks Blount FD for their help and commends them on their performance.

UPDATE: (2:24) All Alcoa FD units on the scene cleared.

UPDATE: (2:24) Sam Houston School Road cleared and reopened.

Is there a camera on

Is there a camera on Chilhowee or someplace that is capturing this? And what kind of chemical mess would be left from an old water treatment facility? YIKES!

WBIR has some video online

WBIR has some video online from one of their webcams:


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