Change is in the wind folks. Sit up, speak out and hang on! Three important dates to talk about.

Monday night, Sept September 24 at 6:30 P.M. in the Blount County Public Library will be the third and final Plans Review Citizen Imput session. Plans as in Blount County Planning. As in what YOU want for the future of Blount County.

This final public session falls between the Planning Commission's completed worksession on Water Quality Plan and EHAT action plan and discussion of further review activities and the September 27 meeting when they begin the plan revision process. That is right. This Thursday the revision process begins and then it will be quickly followed by a rubber stamp Commission session.

Go to the Library on Monday at 6:30 and let your voice be heard.

Go Thursday to the Planning Commission's Regular Session at the Courthouse September 27, 2007 5 30 PM

Go to the special County Commission meeting on Oct 9 at 7:00 p.m at the Courthouse.

And take a scorecard with you because you are going to need one.

Sept 27th is when any changes to the Blount County Policy Plan will begin to take shape. Read it yourself at (link...) and scroll down to Blount County Policy Plan. One huge hurdle to building our very own Pollywood West on 411 South has been lifted- county wide sewer service. While there keep a special eye on how we do zoning changes on 411 South because there are a couple of requests for RAC zoning approval which will be very interesting!

Oct 9 This date started off as a special called Commission meeting by Commissioner French to talk to the Blount County Property Assessor regarding how properties which have been rezoned to commercial are taxed.

Note to Commissioner French- I would love for you to come on here and tell us more about the issues with this!

Since this Special/Called meeting of the full County Commission was already on the books they have added the commission's required hearing on those zoning issues covered in that Sept 27th meeting.

This is only the second time anyone can remember that the full commission has called for a hearing on properties / issues before those issues have cleared the Planning Commission. Remember the last time? YES! it was that Sports Complex District. What is the rush folks? Could it be that you are sure the Planning Commission will rubber stamp these requested zoning changes?

With everything going on in Blount County the fireworks never seem to stop. Come! Who knows that will happen!

The first request for a

The first request for a rural gas station is in. Just as expected.



October 4, 2007 meeting, 6pm at the Blount County Courthouse in
room 433.

Special Exception:

2. Clifford & Stephen Henry and Larry Cabot’s site plan for a
convenience store at 5908 Calderwood Hwy. tax map 157- parcel 11.


Would that be former State Representative Bo Henry, who just had 411S named after him? He came out to speak against Rural Arterial Commercial Rezoning a couple of years ago, along with Lamar Alexander.

I sincerely hope that the Planning Commission will consider reqiring the "Dark Sky" lights and maybe even demand that they are turned off after say, 10 o'clock at night.

Thanks for the plug for Dark Skies.

Dear Local Yokel,
Thanks for the plug for Dark Skies.
You might want to participate with the local astronomy club SMAS.
Visit their web site at
SMAS Star Party

Forrest Erickson


Where did I see that name before?

Convenience Store to use Full Cutoff Lighting.

Convenience Store to use Full Cutoff Lighting.

I attend the Planning Commission meeting this evening.
It began at 6:00 in the much appreciated poring rain.
Many attendees arrived as wet as I did.

I was very glad to hear the planning commissioners question both applicants for special exception regarding smart lighting.

The commissioners and all the applicants were up to speed regarding full cutoff lighting and both special exceptions were granted.

The convenience store owner (sorry I did not hear the name clearly) indicated they hope to have a community atmosphere. They plan what I think of as a local "sandwich shop". They estimated the building size at 2600 square feet.

I spoke with the Convenience store owners afterward and they were genuinely knowledgeable about full cutoff lighting and the benefits provided.

They hope to be under roof by January and open for business in the spring.

Regarding lighting, I think they have set a good example which I hope all future development will follow.

Forrest Erickson

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