Joe Gallagher has this letter to the editor in today's Maryville Daily Times re. the Judge Young v. immigrant situation:

I would like to learn all the facts of this story. Let’s hear Judge Young’s side of what transpired. Rick Laney’s account said, “numerous calls to young’s office and home regarding the Calixto case were not returned.” Judge young owes it to his own reputation and to the image of Blount County to clarify this situation.

Read the whole thing.

Go Joe!

Go Joe and thanks to the DT for getting more of these LTTE in the on-line version of the paper.

Wow! I can't believe the

Wow! I can't believe the editor actually allowed a letter questioning the judge's decision to be printed!

Well said Joe !

I believe Joe asks a fair question. Seems simple enough… tell us Dale, what were you thinking? Explain to the good people of Blount County how the law applies in this case, in your courtroom, in your mind.

Still no answer? Ummmmm... Boss Hog got your tongue?

Didn’t I read this case was to be examined by Judicial Review, the AOC or similar entity?

If so, how does one follow the progress of such things? Once this story cools off, what then ? Anyone ?

Speaking of cold news...

It is so not like the DT to run an article like this... much less follow up with a second article and supportive LTTE’s. What’s up with that? An attempt at credibility? A shot at “far and balanced” perhaps? Call me unconvinced. DT is a rag. IMHO, there must be a secondary story here regarding Dale and his relationship with Boss Hog and the BC power brokers. They control DT content directly or indirectly (take your pick). So why would they tolerate such a smack down on one of their own?

It could help explain why Dale hasn't been more forthcoming. No?

WB Sky

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