The most serious charge made in the affidavit — one termed by Copeland’s attorneys as the “subornation of perjury” — was that James claimed prosecutors told her to change her story and to “testify to what (another witness) said happened and not what she (Ashley James) said happened.”


What does this all mean?


What it sounds like to me is

What it sounds like to me is that prosecutors came in to court expecting a routine rubber stamp dismissal of the defense motion, and instead ran into a judge that wants every i dotted and every t crossed, especially in a capital case, and also a judge who wants to get to the bottom of any claims of prosecutorial misconduct.


We need to remember this when the "good old boys" put Judge Meares in their crosshairs.

Although I would say advantage Meares. Unlike many of his counterparts - he at least seems to understand the law.

prosecutorial misconduct

a few things on this case to note also:

1. after the trial both ed bailey and kirk andrews quit the da's office.

2. stacey sudderth's trial was held in knox county last year/ early this year because his attorney on his case said that he couldn't get a fair trial in blount county. he was acquitted of all charges. also note, he was out on bail for 6 years until he went to trial. he is the guy who "ordered" the hit.

3. ac copeland has been the only person convicted in this case.

4. a smoking box of evidence that was now where to be found for copeland's trial, suddenly reappeared for sudderth's trial. the tapes of the interviews were in this box. detective manuel swore under oath that no such tapes existed. det. manuel also quit the BCSO after this case went to trial.

You may find this report

You may find this report interesting.

The Tennessee Death Penalty Assessment Report

An Analysis of Tennessee’s Death Penalty Laws, Procedures, and Practices


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