Sep 26 2007
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In this thread (link...) local quoted this from TN Democrats Creed;

We will be faithful stewards of our economy by supporting sound fiscal and energy policies that will create opportunities for all citizens now and in the future;

I gave this as a suggestion for sound energy and conservation;

Think BIG! Ethanol is created by using corn and “stills”. (link...) I would say in Blount we already have both. This would enable Dems a policy of “functional” preservation. Lease large farms on a long term (100 yrs?) basis at a fair price. Grow as much corn as you can utilizing farms that won’t have to be turned into sprawl. Make land valuable for something other than development. (link...) Once you have established production, the savings on county vehicles should enable a quick return on investment. Most automakers are promoting E85 (link...) If production has surplus, sell to McNutt, Downey and Pilot (link...) and use these funds for education and/or more preservation.

DT wrote today that Monroe County is doing this; (link...) I know in the above I promoted corn, but I have no problems with switchgrass.

I know there are those who write hear who fear the ecological impact of ethanol. Worse comes to worse, we stop the project, the fields rot, and some land has some nice compost.

If not, whats the altermative?

Perhaps a better title to

Perhaps a better title to this should be "UT takes lead in development of..."

I think it is lovely this demonstration scale facility is down in Monroe County and we can grow the grasses in Blount County.

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