Sep 26 2007

Well I do appreciate your

Well I do appreciate your links and your comments. I just thought I would ask that question and hear what others thought. But again thank you for pointing that out.

Just answering

Proffitt said the two situations did not compare. “I really don’t think it’s comparing apples to apples. I have a lot of misgivings about Mr. Lewis,” he said.

Proffitt said he had a problem with Lewis selling his stock to his wife to get out from the possibility of having a conflict. Lewis told Blount Today in an earlier interview that the State Attorney General told him that if Lewis turned his stock in GreenBank over to his wife, that would do away with any conflict of interest. “I have a problem with that,” Proffitt said Friday. (link...)

And I'm pretty sure Commissioner Ballard isn't first out the door after commission meetings. You should introduce yourself.

Either way, I'm just glad both are adult enough not to engage in childish exchanges.

well thank you

I didn't know that it would have been such a negative posting? All I was asking was why? Wasn't being an ass for asking. But could you answer that mr dumper? If you want to read it as a negative posting so be it. I was merrily asking a question. If WPR has to ask all the questions all the time, It just doesn't get the emphasis on what is being asked in commission meetings. Maybe if the men started asking questions alil more then it might just come across a bit more meaning to the public. But you put the spin on this and I did not. But I thought that this Poll posting was a right topic to bring it back up to the forefront. Instead of adding new postings.

One month and a day late

How could a troll be more obvious in an attempt to hijack a month old thread by being a horses ass? It would be a shame if you were associated with local government. I would like to think our representatives and/or appointees could have an exchange children could hear...,

or maybe even small children would recognize you are an ass.

how come the female democratic commissioners have

How come the female democratic commissioners have more testicles than the male commissioners? Just wondering why they are more into asking questions than the males? Are they just getting information prior to the meetings and that they are more into asking questions? I am just asking maybe someone can help me with that? Glad to see someone is listening and maybe the men will start acting up too?

Local Corporate Pandering

From what I've seen here locally, the Development Industries in Err, tend to be run by the same party that falls for that Gay-Illegal-Immigrants-Stealing-Your-Guns-and-Burning-American-Flags Schtick. This Neo-Fascist Fear Card helped crush the Leftward-Ho'ness of Monroe County (Lord knows I miss and yearn for the days of the Monroe County Democrat newspaper--viva Dan Hicks), and keeps a lot of Blount County citizens shaking in their boots everytime they hear a Spanish Radio Broadcast.

I am abhored when I go to the top of Look Rock tower, nowadays, and see the red mud developing below. It is a travesty to all the people in Happy Valley, whose ground water will soon be contaminated with McMansion run-off (slate mountain-tops don't perc too well). And the view from above is sad, very sad. Before too long there will be scores of 9000 Lumen ?Security? Lights washing out any chances of star gazing up there as well.

Local corporate pandering

Your local "corporate pandering" primarily involves the development industry. We've got plenty of that.

As far as I know, all Commissioners currently serving under label Republicans are actually Republicans -- and the same for the Dems. That hasn't always been true in Blount County. Prior to the last election, it was always said that you HAD to run on the Republican ticket to win.

Blount County Commission

How many Democratic Commissioners are there on the Blount County Commission? How many Independents are on the Blount County Commission, that ran as Repulikars, just so they'd get elected? As can be seen by Joe Lieberman, Independents can be Republikars in Sheep's clothing, and very few, save Bernie Sanders, wear their Independent Mantles proudly. Democrats with Predatorial-Corporate-Leanings, are IM not so HO, just as bad or worse than Lobbyist-Pandering-Republikars. The dividing line twixt Republikar and Democrat have been blurred, over the past 7 years of Federal Capitalism on Steroids. What should define parties, at this point in our history, is one's affiliation with Corporate Pandering.


it's your vote your way. Give Mr. Proffitt a break. Not all votes are right or wrong. There are some votes that are better for the long haul on how this county grows. Just that not all votes are to your liking doesn't mean that it is a wrong or even a right vote. But give the commissioners some latitude. Mr. Proffitt has been told how he should vote and when the matters are discussed he, or any other commissioner for that matter, may see what the facts are and not rumourville. so give him a break and other commissioners. Your views and the way you would vote is not totally always right. democracy at it's best. thank you.

Mea Culpa?

Well, Mr. Anonymous, the poll was asking each of us individually for our own opinion. So that's what I was giving. If you'd like to give your opinion on the performance of the Democrat Commissioners, we'd be delighted to hear it. It goes without saying that our own opinions are our own. Or doesn't it, in your world?

Not sure if you mean me...

But i think the demos in the county commission are doing ok - I like wendy - intelligent and well informed. and the other two - no real opinion. But there are also several republicans I think are doing a good job as well. so there.


I guess while we're on the topic, I might say I'd like to have seen the poll separated out by individuals, instead of just party affiliation. I'm extremely pleased with David Ballard's performance, and also Wendy Pitts Reeves, but occasionally wonder what songbook Dr. Proffitt is singing from. It seems a little like he doesn't know quite what is going on sometimes. His votes are fairly unpredictable, although that isn't bad in theory. I guess what I'm saying is that sometimes he votes plain wrong (in my humble opinion), but I'm pretty sure he hasn't gone over to the dark side. Most likely explanation is maybe he doesn't do his homework quite as thoroughly as the other two Dems.

I still hold high hopes for him, and boy, is he ever head and shoulders above the guy he replaced.


I would have never thought that by asking a simple question someone would be bent out of shape over it. It is kind of funny. However, the outcome is looking very nice to me. Keep voting.


You never really answered my question why you did the poll, but I'll leave it alone. I'm sure you were seeking an unbiased response to how the commissioners are doing.

ok R, you win there. I wont

ok R, you win there. I wont dissagree with you. I do appreciate how you have posted in a few of the postings today. thanks

You generally can't vote twice

There's tracking to prevent multiple voting (obviously there are ways around it, but I won't tell!). And you'd be surprised how many people read this blog. I'm just surprised there aren't more votes.


The poll is full of repeat offenders, I mean voters. There's noway that there is 28 people that even read this blog in a few hours.

Better be nice to bizgrrl.

Better be nice to bizgrrl. Trust me on that one!

be nice?

Why be nice to an anonymous person who hides behind a screen name then gets on other people about being anonymous? Does she work for the sheriff's department? county government? is she a republican? i will apologize for the dirty word I used though. still no one has answered my question - why the poll?

why not?

Polls are just FUN*

I have to wonder about the


votes. It could be possible for someone to vote no because they want our Dems to slay dragons and not just poke the bears.

Speaking of Commissioners- right now Comcast is airing last week's commission meeting.

Steve in the head lights

Seeing almost the entire lot ready to follow Samples into the abyss of "don't let the facts get in the way of a good story" makes one understand how democracy dies. Some admit they hadn't even read the newspaper article.

Samples is starting to show signs of who owns him.

I don't know why the poll.

I don't know why the poll.

Bizgrrl is one of your gracious hosts at this site, and the wife of the proprietor, and also a moderator (meaning she can delete your posts!).

She's not hiding anything, but that's probably more obvious to folks who came over from the "other" blog or to those who have met her in real life.

(Sorry, I was just yanking your chain a little about being nice. But being nice usually doesn't hurt.)

uh oh....

I'll try to be nice from now on... promise.... I didn't realize the power of bizgrrl.

The poll seems silly to me, especially in this forum. What did Tennessee Democrat expect, a bunch of Nos? Next poll, are you satisfied with they republicans on the county commission? the results would be the exact opposite. Anywho, I'll try not to be anonymous anymore. It's just that crazy password i was sent...

You can change your

You can change your password. Click on the "My Account" link in the top left navigation box, click the "Edit" tab, and enter a new password.

(If that doesn't work for some reason, please let me know).

And thanks for your participation.



Sorry Bizgrrl, but I know of no other way to say what just happened when I read that post. Sweet tea is now all over my pc.

It's Me

Sorry bizgrrl, forgot to log in. I made the first comment. Just who the f*ck are you? And why does a Tennessee Democrat ask such a question?

Come on multi-anonymouses,

Come on multi-anonymouses, pick a name to give us some personality. Try Barnie or Andy or Goofy or Daffy or Batman or Anon1 or Anon2 or something. Just pick one and use it regularly so everyone else can engage your comments without responding to Anonymous 08:29 or Anonymous 08:44.

Thanks so much.


Why do you ask?

Ask a stupid question....

Why do you ask?

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