No rain for several weeks and no rain predicted. We are now required to conserve water.

Update: City of Aloca and City of Maryville Press Release for Phase II Mandatory Water Restrictions.


According to Maryville City Manager Greg McClain, the water level of the Little River has dropped to 40 cubic feet per second, forcing authorities to ban watering lawns or gardens as well as prohibiting car washing and filling swimming pools. Residents with automatic sprinkler system also are being asked to completely turn off their timers.
“I think both cities will take a soft-handed approached at first,” Wiggins [City of Alcoa] said. “If a homeowner is found to be watering a lawn the first call may be a warning. Maybe they don’t read the paper or watch the TV.

“But if there are a numerous violations they could be cited, with each day being an additional citation.”

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