Little River water levels continue to drop, 23 cubic feet per second (cfs) for Aloca and 38 for Maryville.

Maryville public information officer Pam Arnett reported Little River water levels have stayed consistent at 38 cfs. Whereas, Alcoa's level has dropped from 25 to 23. Does this mean Maryville is not conserving enough water?

According to today's Maryville Daily Times, Phase III of water restrictions are in effect and the water usage restrictions are getting tougher, no car washing at all, nurseries, landscape facilities must stop using city water for irrigation.

How low will it go? Shall we start a pool?

Shall we start a pool? OK,

Shall we start a pool?

OK, but you won't be able to fill it!


I'm glad I live in the ocunty and don't have to worry about city restrictions ;) I'm going home to water my yard, perenial garden, vegetable garden, cats, horses, wife, and wash my car, other car, truck, other truck, horse trailor, barn, other barn, house, deck, wife again, and myself.

NO - what it meant was that

NO - what it meant was that our water monitoring equipment was wrong! Seems to me anyone with half a brain would have looked at those numbers and questioned Maryville's readings

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