Oct 2 2007

According to the Maryville Daily Times Maryville Director of Schools Mike Dalton recommends that Maryville High School be expanded as opposed to building a new school.

Dalton sent the planners and architects back to the drawing board to come up with a way to minimize the impact on the neighborhood and traffic. He is also looking at the possibility of satellite facilities and separate "lower and upper" high schools.

Read the article for all the details.

It says that among the three options proposed (bigger school somewhere else, a second school, upgrading the existing school), an overwhelming majority of those polled chose the option of upgrading the existing school.

I guess this is all about protecting Maryville's championship football program?

Also realize that their

Also realize that their education is top notch, and I think a second school would hinder this - Separate administrations, teachers, etc. I really do think two high schools would hurt the academics quite a bit, at least for several years.

I know they are not great looking, but does anyone know if a parking garage or something has been considered for the parking situation? This would greatly diminish the amount of land needed for parking and then the school could be expanded in the existing parking lots. I don't know what all the logistics would entail, but it is a thought? Thoughts?

Craig Thomas

Maryville: Small-town living with a Houston-sized high school.

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