Oct 4 2007
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Three cheers for Charles Clifford. (link...) It can't be easy for him to have to have been truthful considering where he works everyday.

In another LTTE (link...) , Sgt. RL Dowdy extols the virtues of Judge Young, a man he considers a friend. Sgt. Dowdy does this under the pretext of just having read the first DT article. (Three weeks and more facts later, does he still feel the same about this Legal resident?)

For those who don't write the DT, many times Dean Stone will sit on a letter until he has a letter for juxtaposition protecting his "good old boys". There is no way he would have placed Mr. Clifford's LTTE in the section alone. Mr. Stone is also the one responsible for the LTTE titles. Notice all the games he plays with those.

Notice also, after four stories about the arm breaking incident at the jail, you still have not seen the fact the man was hancuffed written. From the DT today; (link...)

According to Blount County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Marian O’Briant, though, the reason a camera is absent in the pat-down room stems from the late 1990s when the jail was built. Because of the construction budget for the jail project, 60 cameras had to be cut from the facility, she said.
“That was one of them that was cut,” she said.

If they cut sixty cameras, how many do they have? Someone in the pat down room is in custody. For now very obvious liability issues - would a camera in the first step of the jailing process not be a good idea?

The DT executives are apologist for corruption in this county. I advise you read their paper, review in your head the opposite of what they publish, and then decide what is true. Read their paper, just don't pay for it.

For those who aren't sure, here's a classic ditty from the "Good Ol' Boy's"; (link...)

from the late 1990s when the

from the late 1990s when the jail was built

Since the late 1990's? Jimbo wants to act like the justice center has been there forever. In fact, it's been here just long enough to see it's unnecessary. Ship the Federal prisoners elsewhere, and redo the prison for local housing. Then Jimbo won't have to go all the way to Chilhowee Mountain to see his buddies.

Thank you Mr. Clifford

What my little ol' Everett High educated self has been saying all along from day one. Even I understand these basic rights.
Thank you, thank you Mr. Clifford.

internet study

I know this is going to come up tomorrow so you all might as well read it before hand.

Remember how the freeps praised Judge Young for tossing that 'illegal' out? The hate groups were so happy with Judge Young.

Fast forward a few weeks to the Southerland story and those same folks talking about it.




The maryville cop does

Just before your hear the gut curdling sound of the guy's arm breaking (link...), you can hear him ask; "Are you going to take those off", then one the BSCO professionals ask Mr. Southerland if he wants to be a "smartass", then tells him "to do what the f**k he is told", then antagonizes the man by asking him to "bring it on", then it was "get your hands out of your pocket", then SNAP! followed by agonizing screams by Southerland.

I guess Mr. Southerland could have been talking about his shoes or pants when it said "take those off", but I think a 2 year old could figure out what he was talking about.

And through listening to the replay, I believe the following part of the DT story is incorrect;

At one point, Southerland can be heard saying that he didn’t appreciate them “f------ slamming” his head against the wall, alluding to when one of the jailers pushed his head against the wall when the man failed to keep it there.

It makes it sound like Southerland instigated having his arm broken. I did not hear Mr. Southerland use the "F" word when describing his head being smashed into the wall.

In today's DT article, they were able to find out how the two apes came to "resign". (link...)

The majority of corruption in Blount County happens across the street from the hospital. Wise up Blount County!

you all are missing something in the audio

" ya' know, every now and then, I miss this aspect of being here- but...."

I admit this may not be the exact quote but it is what I am hearing. Let me know if you think it is different and I will change this post.

$1.5million down the drain

Yeah, I don't think the MPD officer will make a very good witness for the BCSO.

$2 million

After the motion for an 'order of protection' to shut up the lawyers for JS, the lawyers upped the kitty to $2 million. No, it probably did not happen in that sequence, but it appeared in print that way.

well, it did happen that way

well, it did happen that way as far as the order in which all the papers were filed. I doubt it was planned to happen that way.


After seeing the complaint by the plaintiff, I realized I made an error in believing Mr. Southerland was handcuffed when the jailers broke his arm. However, the complaint does substantiate the audio in that Mr. Southerland was not the aggressor.

It is easy to get these cases confused

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