Oct 4 2007

I do not know anything about Jeff Rose Kenny Wiggins, Maryville and Alcoa's H20 quality control managers. Having said that, I am extremely disturbed in what I am reading in the papers on just how they are managing something that could definitely become a crisis. I've worked a bit in the water treatment area and can tell you that: 1) if you are nearing a real problem you make d&mn certain your instrumentation is calibrated and is reading correctly!, 2) you don't brag about being able to monitor 10 x a day and that you can even monitor through your cell phone - you get off you chair and you go to the water source and LOOK at the flow!, 3) when your gauges read 37cfs but the Little River's flow LOOKS like it is flowing at 33cfs - borrow or find another way to certify the flow, 4) what's the PLAN for a crisis? or is the PLAN being worked on and not ready to implement?, 5) why aren't they suggesting people get out the 'ole' dish pan, turn the dishwashers off, get your hands wet, and when you finished - take that 'ole' dish pan outside to your newly planted yard and water, 6) don't sit on your hands and pray for rain, let us do the praying.

This can be very serious folks and I am not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling that the people in charge know what they are doing. My feeling is that when the rate gets to 30 or 29cfs, the State Water personel will say, "find your water supply somewhere else. We have too many species of plants, fish, etc. in the Little River that will die."


I agree with double checking

I agree with double checking every gauge and sprocket. I just do not think folks who have not lived where there are always water restrictions get the big picture.

When we lived out west, our water bill was more than our electric bill and that was higher than those TVA rates we all enjoy right here.

My neighbors have commented on my lack of flowers this year. Oh, I have flowers. West coast flowers made from iron so they don't burn and they don't need water.


I think that the water "managers" seeming lack of urgency

I think that the water "managers" seeming lack of urgency is indicative of a larger problem with our society: we are unwilling to make any sort of sacrifice, and are instead encouraged to consume either actively or passively. We are fighting a very costly war in lives and dollars, and our leadership has asked us to do nothing as citizens. Sometime ago we gave up on being citizens (who have to sacrifice something from time to time) and turned into base consumers (who expect something for nothing).

take that 'ole' dish pan

take that 'ole' dish pan outside to your newly planted yard and water,

Thanks for the idea. I don't know why I haven't tried it. I did just what you suggested, sort of. I filled up a bucket pretty quickly and watered some plants.

Oh, I have flowers. West coast flowers made from iron so they don't burn and they don't need water

I have some flower that don't require much water as well. However, those around these parts like to stick with "natives". Since this area is typically quite rainy, "natives" require water.

It's raining! Do a dance.

It's raining! Do a dance.

I am dancing

but with hope it won't be a two step that too much comes at once....

Ah, when we were out west I dreamed of hosta, hydrangea and real sweet corn......

Water Wars

Seems rather strange that in Sevier County - NOBODY has been asked to conserve anything, there is NO crisis. The same drought conditions apply - and our demand is even greater with the gazillion tourists that we support- Whats the difference? We have a pipe that runs to a bigger supply (Douglas Lake)so no one sees the need to conserve. Sevier County is still wasting plenty of water just because we can.

Whats the difference? You

Whats the difference?

You pretty much answered the question yourself. Sevier County is not dependent on Little River. Blount Count is not under water restrictions either, only the cities of Maryville and Alcoa (and one other little municipality). These two cities are dependent on the flow of Little River from the mountains, no lake or large water source to draw from (currently).

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