Oct 5 2007

Immediacy in blogging.

First Meeting

This was the first First Friday meeting, I've attended. It was very informative, and I'm sorry I had to jet out early. I'm also sorry I haven't kept up with local events, as much as I should have.

I'd love to know who all was responsible for the Harper, Everett, Broadway Roundabout. That's one of the most forward thinking, fuel saving ideas I've seen in Blount County, and I wish we had more of 'em. Yielding into a circle takes much less fuel than sitting with your motor idling with 100 more Automobiles at one of Maryville's myriad of Traffic Lights.

If memory serves

I think it was an idea that Steve West had. Seems to work okay, but a little freaky the first time through! I never thought it would work with our polite drivers, all waiting patiently to let one another proceed first. Part of the charm of this place, though!

P.S. Farmer, that's me on

P.S. Farmer, that's me on the left there. The Mrs. got my bad side.

Ms. Blevins, sorry I didn't

Ms. Blevins, sorry I didn't get to meet you or Ana today, but thank you and Ana so much for coming.

I was quite surprised, and actually got a little choked up and a little tearful for a minute when I realized the two of you were there. You are both very courageous.

As Mello says, it's good to put a human face on the stories we talk about.

And thanks to everyone else for all the other faces we put with names, and for the warm reception and the participation and lively discussions. I came away with a couple of new ideas, hope y'all did too.

Thanks Mello and all

I want to thank you all for having us today. We felt right at home. I only wish we had more time to talk and get to know more of you and for you to get to know Ana.
Like I said before we left this whole ordeal has proven to me that I do need to know what's going on in local politics and I need to vote!
I will also be encouraging my friends to vote also.
We have to break up the good ol boy network.
Ya'll do need to be more vocal about elections and issues to get the public more involved.
Stir the pot on conservation, corruption ect. Tell us we must vote to change these things going on in our county.
Again thanks to all,

Thanks Randy

Thank you so much for the information and knowledge you shared at the luncheon - it was an enjoyable hour with great input from the group.

Thank you!

R and Mrs, I can't thank you enough for your presentation today! The quality and the spirit behind it were amazing! Every left leaning political or issue group in the country should see it. It really was that good. Much better than me standing on a picnic table.

It would even be a hoot to do it all over again with only seasoned bloggers as the audience simply because we would have been yelling at your screen and shouting out dozens of examples to what you were explaining. Then of course, arguing the merits of the examples given.

And it was so very nice to meet Elrod and FA and see other old friends who have joined the blog ranks.

Before I go feed my cat I do want to say a very, very special thank you to Ana Calixto and Alice Blevins for joining the event and allowing us all to put a more human element to the story.

Thanks again.

Now R. watch your email, I gots me another idea to talk to you about.

where's bubba????????

is he camoflauged?

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