Oct 5 2007

I was wondering who was pushing for new convenience stores to go before the BZA versus rezoning (which would take longer, have more public input, and have a better chance of being defeated). Lo and behold here is the answer... (link...). The requestor is none other than the high and mighty former State Senator Bo Henry and his son. Not three weeks since being approved, the BZA gets their first request for a convenience stor and it's approved! Of course Bo said it will be a quality development and he'll turn off the lights at night, but still..... There is a lot of behind the scenes manipulation of zoning laws that will ultimately have a negative impact on our community.


If you watch carefully...

You will find that most of these requests for Zoning changes are for someone important's particular interest and financial benefit.

Always pays to make the trip over to the courthouse at election time and see who is paying into the campaign to elect who.

But remember, we broke the news of who was behind it here first! (Or at least we translated the name...)


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