Jul 23 2007
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Thanks to Blountdemocrat, "mellokelley" I decided to sign on here at My first posting here is a letter submitted to, but never published by, The Daily Times. It is a follow up to a similar letter calling for Duncan to act on impeachment our criminal Bush Cheney administration. I was especially disappointed by the headline the Daily Times put on my previously published letter, "Reader would impeach president". It was clear my letter was calling for Duncan to act to impeach. In my follow on letter, I supplied the headline I wanted.

And now my unpublished letter of July 4, 2007:

Editor July 4, 2007
The Daily Times
P.O. Box 9704
Maryville, TN 37802-9704

Reader says, We Must Replace John Duncan if he Fails to Impeach Bush Cheney Before Election.

Dear Editor,

The congressional election of 2008 has become one in which I see only one issue. Will our congressman John Duncan vote to impeach the criminal that occupies the White House and his accomplices? Just yesterday, George Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s prison sentence. In defense of his obstruction of justice, Bush has offered a lame explanation that he has not pardoned Libby, only commuted his prison sentence. Libby has not paid a fine and may still be pardoned. Bush has refused to answer direct questions as to whether he will eventually pardon Libby. By the actions of George Bush, we can see that a criminal convicted of lying to investigators of maters related to national security and dis-information on which we went to war at the cost of billions in dollars and tens of thousands of human lives will spend less time in jail than Paris Hilton spent. When will John Duncan act to remove this criminal administration from office?

Scooter Libby was part of a campaign of smear and retaliation against Ambassador Willison for publicly disputing one of the lies that the Bush Cheney administration knowingly concocted to wage a war. A war not against Al Queda but a war to put control the oil of Iraq into the hands of Halliburton. George Bush could have removed our troops from Iraq after destroying Saddam Hussein’s control of Iraq and his conventional military, but Bush has stayed to control the oil. This war has cost American and Iraqi lives. This war has increased the influence of Al Queda, or groups that call them selves Al Queda, worldwide. The method of conduct of this war shames freedom-loving Americas every single day. John Duncan voted to impeach President Clinton for far less offences.

Americans must remove the Bush Cheney administration officials who are responsible for lies, torture, the deaths of tens of thousands and the theft of our nation’s institutions.

If before the election of 2008, Representative John Duncan will not support the House Resolution 333 to impeach Cheney and expand it to others in this corrupt, criminal administration, then Representative John Duncan should be replaced by the voters in the election of 2008. I remind the public that after the election of 2008 the new congress will meet in early January 2009. This new congress can impeach Bush Cheney before they leave office in late January. Impeaching Bush Cheney will go a long way to bringing the rule of law back to America. Impeachment brings another small element of justice, we the people, will not have to pay taxes for a retirement salary to these criminals.

Sign me,
F. Erickson


So very glad to see you

So very glad to see you here!

Brave letter, mate. Thank

Brave letter, mate. Thank you.

I admire your sentiment and

I admire your sentiment and enthusiasm. I don't think there's any way Duncan won't get re-elected in TN. He's a done deal.

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