Below is a copy and paste I just read (can't get the link to go, sorry- it's from yahoo). You know the power has come to the Repubs, nationally and within this county, from the radio - heck, less than 50% of Blount County subscribe to The Daily Times!, and the only news media they have is the Rush Limbaugh type.....we need to get people to come to BlountViews for local news.

How to do this? Well, I know from experience that billboards make great advertising (anyone willing to take up the challenge?)...also, we need to get R. Neal, maybe even mello or others, on some progressive/liberal local radio talk shows. Read the following article and I would love to hear some feed back comments.

"The most powerful voices on radio continue to be people who are reaching a largely white male Republican audience and they are a very committed base," Hall said. "What's happened since the last election is not only blogs but opinion Web sites ... whipping up the liberal side of things."

The activism of radio audiences is another reason to take them seriously. A study by talk-radio magazine Talkers found 73 percent of talk radio listeners voted in 2006 -- well above the average U.S. election year turnout.


"I think Democrats shouldn't be so concerned about Rush," Harrison said. "No individual host has the power to sway an election that's not very close or to hurt a candidate that is strong. The Democrats can counter the power of conservative talk radio by having good Democratic politicians."

Read the rest of the article here:



The most powerful media in

The most powerful media in Blount County comes not in print nor does it travel via the internet. It has been in place far longer than tv or radio. It is used with more regularity than religious books, ATM cards, even most cars. The power this medium holds goes beyond anything the MSM can even dream of.

This medium is used nearly world wide but is used far more in small towns and rural areas be they the mountains of Blount County or the cornfields of Iowa.

Do you know what it is? David Finch, the Blount County Democratic Party Chair knows what it is.

It is the simple telephone. At a speed newspapers can't match- one idea, one concept, one opinion, one complaint makes the rounds in Blount County. Each call adds what the daughter, sister, mother, brother, uncle or aunt with the goiter has heard from someone who reads the paper, reads Blountviews or listens to the radio. And if the story is interesting, those same people make more calls to find out even more info.

The fact that I know 70 year old ladies who don't have a computer but listen to the radio and read the paper are asking these same callers 'what is BlountViews saying?" is the real key to making changes.

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