Love the free meeting space concept!

That must be in reaction to our Mayor Jerry Cunningham shutting down the courthouse to public use after 5:00!

Southland Books

I also love Southland Books. The owners are very community-minded and plugged in.

southland books

southland also carries new books in the local history arena. and they do ALOT of community good.

reasons to shop southland

10. they carry local art and support the local art scene via "ART MART" in collaboration with in house stained glass studio, Southern Studios Stained Glass.
9. they help support local green efforts ala CAPPE and Raven Society and Save Chilhowee Mtn.
8. they "recycled" the old Drake auto parts bldg @ 801 E. Broadway
7. they support local musicians with a monthly open mic
6. they have monthly art shows
5. free meeting space for local groups
4. they sell LP's
3. they have over 75,000 various volumes of USED books as well as an extensive local interest section and an in-house publishing company for out of print titles
2. home of detour coffee, an independent coffee bar and home of the "banana-dog" staffed by cute and sassy barristas.
1. things are always interesting at the bookstore.
and as a bonus, they KNOW their books.

I like Borders best in

I like Borders best in Ktown, Barnes & Noble in Chattanooga. I would like a large bookstore (big like a library), thus usually the need for a chain. Independents are usually small. If going for an independent, then I say have both. I do support Carpe Librium (sp??) in Ktown on occasion, but typically go to Borders.

Why one over another?

I know we like Borders because we find more of what we are looking for there than we ever do at B & N. That is both music and books.


I thought Amazon bought out Borders

Chain stores

Does it have to be a chain store, why not locally owned and operated.

Southland Books

Borders for sure but Southland Books is still my local favorite.

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