When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

TDOT has scheduled a public meeting for Thursday, October 25, from 5-8pm in the Heritage High School Auditorium.

At this meeting TDOT will present the ‘Purpose and Need’ for the PPE as well as ‘initial alternatives.’ The public will have opportunities to comment on the Purpose and Need and the alternatives. Written comments can be sent to TDOT for 21 days after the Oct. 25 meeting.

Starting at 5:15 PM (EDT), TDOT will make a formal presentation on the status of the project. The presentation will describe the work completed since the Scoping Meetings in June 2006, the purpose and need statement for the project, and initial alternatives identified for the project.

Following the formal presentation, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, citizens will be afforded an opportunity to work with TDOT officials in smaller groups and share their ideas on alternatives to be considered. Representatives of TDOT will be available to assist with the exchange of ideas and to provide information on the purpose and need of the project.

The workshop will conclude with a full group discussion and question and answer session between 7:00 and 8:00 PM.


Set aside for conservation

When they say, "set aside for conservation," is that a legally binding or can they develop it at a later date, after the new highway is built? Setting this much land aside will win a lot of support for the highway extension.

I agree with Joe on this.

I agree with Joe on this. That road will be built, even if these guys are the only one's who want it. I don't know anyone who wants that road to be completed.
Wouldn't some traffic lights be a good idea at Pellissippi and Old Knox Hwy intersection? Clayton Drive and Jackson Hills? As long as these areas are the mess they are; it's an arguement to extend the highway.

Traffic Control

Please remember, traffic lights are not the only choice, Maryville does have a new traffic circle which is doing fine. Before these intersections get overdeveloped, build a large traffic circle for future growth. When Maryville has it's next power failure, take trip to the traffic circle and see how well that intersection does without traffic lights.

I wish the citizens could see the advantage of traffic circles over traffic lights. No more backups when traffic lights fail, no waiting during the middle of the night for a green light, and no stop and go during light traffic.

I think you are right again,

I think you are right again, Joe. The 5 Point traffic circle is easy to navigate and flows smoothly.


I have heard it called "Sundquist's Driveway." The former governor lives up there in Townsend.

Lamar Alexander's pet project

This should increase the value of Alexander property. I know he doesn't own it any more, but I find it hard to believe he is still not connected with it.

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