Rick Laney keeps looking at the bigger picture in Blount County Courtrooms.


Selected transcripts of this Bible Q & A session can be found (link...)

Let's stop right here. When somebody says beast to me, I'm thinking lion, tiger, gorilla some sort of monster. It that what you're talking about?

Judge Young

When I read the first report of Judge Young an dthe case he heard concerning the legal immigrant, I just told myself I didn't have enough facts to make a judgement.

Now I read about this custody case and I wonder if anyone, family or friend or someone who knows Judge Young, has taken the time to check and see if there is a physical reason for his seemingly bizarre behavior.

I have read articles of preople who know him well, personally and professionally and while I cannot count myself amoung them, Judge Young did preside at my adoption hearing of my grandson. I found him to be a charming man, very professional but also kind to me and my young grandson. What is now being reported just doesn't mesh with the judge that presided over my adoption case.

I can't help but wonder that there might be some physical problem that is the cause of the present behaviors.


If there is to be a

If there is to be a religious test for child custody, we need to find out what Judge Young's particular sect is. As it's representative, he seems particularly unsuited to raise a child.

This is a disgusting example of Judicial imperialism and has no place in America.

None of his questions seem to be aimed at resolving whether the children would be at risk in this woman's home, but it seems that they would be fine.

Young's "sect"

According to that very helpful League of Women Voters Survey ((link...)), Judge Young is a member of First Baptist Church of Maryville. Was a trustee, in fact.

So if you find out that the husband is also a Baptist, I guess you're on to something!


Whatever happened to freedom of religion? I guess it went out the window along with the constitutional guarantees offered to immigrants.

I think it is particularly disgusting that Craig Garrett brought up the wife's religion/church when HIS OWN CLIENT married the woman in the same church. Either he was also an SDA and later changed or knew that she was and was supportive enough to consent to be married in her faith. Kind of sounds like they were grasping at straws to obtain custody.

But then again, it WORKED, didn't it? Wonder if Garrett would have tried the same thing in another judge's court?

Kevin Shephard did a good job of trying to corral things back into propriety, but nobody was listening. I hope Garrett will be censured by the Bar Association and that the Judge will be censured by whatever body censures judges.

whatever happened to church

whatever happened to church and state? while us tax payers pay for the electric, heating/a/c, and the facilities for the churches to use our schools for thier own private use of a church. I believe they pay for the custodians for 3-4 hours to come early and open and close the schools. Was told that "why should they look to build a church when they can use the facilities for lil expense to them." On our tax dollars is why they shouldn't use them. The schools are reaping the benefit on allowing them to use the facilities and getting paid for it and while still using the schools budget to pay for the sunday services. Imagine that. Noone wants to say anything bad about schools and churches. But our tax dollars sure do come in handy for it. Just throwing that out there and see whoelse wants to wonder why it is allowed to happen.


I think this whole incident is quite ironic. Surely the same judge could question and ridicule the beliefs of the hefty percentage of Blounty Countians that attend fundamentalist churches of all stripes. I wonder what he'd say to members of the RIO churches if they got into a dispute of some sort? I don't see how Republicans would put up with this. He's not even mocking a...Muslim or some other "heathen." He's openly mocking a conservative Christian, whose church has thousands of members in Blount and Knox Counties. I could see casual Blount County Republicans scoffing at charges that he insulted an immigrant woman because Republicans don't really care about immigrants. But they sure like to make a big stink about the supposed marginalization of Christians in America. It seems Judge Dale Young is Exhibit A in the grand mockery of Christianity. What will the Republicans say?

as i thought

Noone wants to comment on the schools making money on allowing the homeless to use our tax dollar spending on schools.


Homeless? Are you saying homeless churches?

Pretty much what they are,

Pretty much what they are, homeless. They do not have thier own building of worship. They use our schools for that. Use our libraries, computers, the cafeterias, the gyms, and whatever else they use in there. So yes basically they are homeless, our schools should not be used weekly for thier own monetary gains. Do you like your tax dollars being wasted for thier own monetary gains? I do not. One school church used our stainless steel chaffing pans for feet washing. Well sorry to say but the cafeteria lady had to throw them out since they cannot be used for our kids food. Needless to tell you how much one of those costs. But noone wants to get on about the schools.

You must be the same Anonymous...

...who was complaining that none of US were out protesting the Dollar General Store out in Friendsville on 321. Again, by all means, if you want to protest churches using our school resources for their services, get yourself an account and blog away. We'll all happily add our commentary.

I think your real goal is to deflect credibility from our commentary on other issues - like a judge who spends an hour on religion instead of hearing a person's witnesses - by pointing out things you haven't heard us mention. Like churches in schools and Dollar General Stores. And paint us all as arbitrary complainers.

Again, you have equal opportunity here. Just light that keyboard up complaining about stuff you learn and that irritates you. Heck you can even make yourself an account called "Anonymous."

But this here discussion is about some possible wrong doing in the court room.

thank you mello

well seeing that your dad is
Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 10/12/2007 - 09:20.

well seeing that your dad is on the school board and you dont want to complain about that huh? I was just saying that schools should not be a homeless shelter for churches... again it goes back to our tax dollars. you brought up about freedom of religion, so you opened up that line. But yes this thread is about the judge. Was he misguided there I would have to agreee. But as for the dollar general and all that you tell me more about that please.

FUBR post

My dad died on the day Charles and Di married.

I can't speak about the Friendsville Commission any more than the Maryville Commission... I did not even know we had DG store until yesterday and I will most likely never see it since it is beyond the turn off to Friendlytown.

Now, J. I am calling you out on this crap.

Get an account. Be accountable as hard as it is for any insider in this county to do. Quit tossing paperwads at people who stand up to you.

And learn what spelchek is.

( Sorry R. and Mrs R. I know better but could not resist....)

Mr. Anonymous,I can't

Mr. Anonymous,

I can't believe you would get so personal about political matters. You should take a page from the guy who wrote this (link...) about arguing the merits of an issue. But I wonder if the guy who wrote that even believes it?

Ignoring the merits would be like someone logging on here just to hijack a serious thread to confuse the issue for his/her GOP buddies.

Scilly Anonymous Commentor

Mr. Anonymous, it is both uncouth and against the rules to try to guess who everyone is. Please end your Mystery-ous Ways and get your own account. We will afford you the dignity of not trying to out you publically.

What do you think you are doing?

I am very concerned about

I am very concerned about this "so called" ethical & educated Judge and his treatment of this lady who loves her children and is so Strong to stand up and keep her beliefs. She don't drink, do drugs or gamble nor had a criminal background/record.

Get ride of the Judge and we need to come together and support this woman. I can't see how this "so called" husband could even sleep at night. The children will soon come of age and understand what their dad did to their mother. Karma - Love

Just someone who cares....................ph

Attack on freedom of speech for certain people

Well Mr. Anonymous,

Since there are only seven school board members that kinda narrows it down to whom you want to discredit, doesn't it? Why do you keep picking on the same person? Could it be that you believe in freedom of speech for yourself but you can't allow that other person the same privilege?

If you have a gripe with the school board, why don't you go to the next board meeting and bring your question? There might even be people who agree with you. On the other hand, it could be that people in the Church you are talking about are also Blount County taxpayers. The court house is certainly out of bounds to our taxpayer citizens, isn't it? Tax dollars??

Religious freedom... How about equal freedom of speech, instead?

And the rest of the world looks at Blount County

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