The Opinion is IN.


Okay, now what?

This is what I see is the summery of a bunch of TCA legal speak;

"This statute, therefore, prohibits a shareholder of a bank that conducts business with the county from serving as a county commissioner, or as a member of the county budget committee or the county purchasing commission."

So who enforces this?

Notice please that there

Notice please that there were two different questions ask.

1. May an individual who is an officer of a bank with which the county conducts business serve as a member of the county legislative body

2. May an individual who is a director and shareholder of a bank with which the county conducts business serve as a member of the county legislative body

We know who they were referring to in the first question. The second question is the one that really catches my eye- who is that one referring to?

FA you ask who enforces this?

8-47-102. Institution by prosecuting attorneys on own initiative. —

The attorney general and reporter has the power, on the attorney general and reporter's own initiative, and without any complaint having been made to the attorney general and reporter or request made of the attorney general and reporter, to institute proceedings in ouster against any and all state, county, and municipal officers, under the provisions of this chapter, and the district attorneys general, county attorneys, and city attorneys, within their respective jurisdictions, may institute such actions, without complaint being made to them or request made of them, as they are authorized to institute upon request made of them or complaint made to them

I don't think it will come to this point. It seems the biggest sticking point in the opinion is the term shareholder. There are many ways to get your name off of stock.

Or the county can simply vote to go back to Purchasing act of 1983 and then it will be no harm, no foul. It took a 2/3 vote of the commission to go under the 1957 act but I am not sure if it only takes a simple majority to slip under the lesser regulated act of 1983.

Looks like we are in for another fun filled Commission meeting next Thursday.

AG where are you?

I'm going to guess one of these "new" local banks (new bank - same people) will be getting a pretty sweet "gift" of around $37 million. Some one's dream of owning a ballpark will be sidelined again by a mountain of money.

Either way, don't expect anyone to be going any where any time soon. We all know the State AG said the sheriff violated the law (link...) . Heard any more about that? The fact is, this band of general fund pirates fear no repercussions - because in Blount County there aren't any.

The fact is, this band of

The fact is, this band of general fund pirates fear no repercussions - because in Blount County there aren't any.

Except the embarrassment of be publicly exposed. Oh wait, one actually needs at least one moral fiber of decency to get embarrassed about any wrong doing.

Some place, between the TN

Some place, between the TN Ethics Commission, the TN Comptroller's Office, the TN Attorney Generals Office AND the State Judiciary Review Board- someone will hear the following.

Nashville : "This is the TN whatever office"

Maryville : "Yes, I am a taxpayer and I have a question about my county government"

Nashville : " Let me guess, BLOUNT county again, right???"

AG, bring the Governor

Maybe we can get the Governor back to town for a swearing "out" ceremony?

From the KNS


Geeze, did the reporter read past the first page?


When all is said and done - there is no method to control our commissioners other than votinf them all out. They made the rules that say ,the rules don't apply to them. Sevier and Knox Counties are exactly the same - we have a totaly demoralized and disgusted public that is stuck with a corrupt, out of control local government that can do no wrong.

Today's Daily Times


This article is much closer to what we seem to be considering than that KNS article.

The banks keep changing but

The banks keep changing but the executives don't. Where do the citizens go to see the results of the sealed bids?

We know the Sheriff is on the board of the winning bidders (First Tennessee/American Fidelity/Green Bank) and that he and former Commissioner Slater partnered on the deal for the Overlook development land purchase. How would we come to know whether or not they are shareholders? Is this information public? Ultimately, we should be looking at ours laws. I would rather have a bank shareholder than "THE Blount County bank" executive in office. A share holder has must less power to influence.

From the Daily Times; (link...)

Cunningham, reached by telephone Thursday while traveling, said he hadn’t seen the opinion yet. Lewis could not be reached for comment.

Since when is has it become a chore to get public servants, elected by the public, to speak about the publics business. The mayor sure spends a lot time on the road. Wasn't he out of town the day the Governor came to town to swear in a local judge?

Hypothetically speaking, if

Hypothetically speaking, if a bank that held a counties general fund went under, what happens?

Does FDIC cover the entire amount? Not to say GB is going under, but it does give reason for better diversification.

I heard somewhere that...

The FDIC replaces an individual's money up to $100,000 in the event of a bank failing. Have no idea what they guarantee for a governmental body. Anybody?

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." --Voltaire

here's your answer


I would like to make the assumption that the Feds and State folks who oversee these kinds of things are all keeping us safe and our money happy. Thus, no problem, no worry.

Um... who said those levees down in NOLA would hold just fine?

More Accountability - Less Accounting


The Investment Committee last met in early 2005. The current contract with GreenBank was approved April 11 of that year. The makeup of the committee at that time was former County Mayor Beverley Woodruff, current County Commission Chairman Robert Ramsey, and former Commissioners Keith Brock, Donna Dowdy and Otto Slater.

Does anyone out there in the Blogasphere know whether Ms. Woodruff voted in person, or if Dr. Ramsey was filling the mayoral role, or was Mr. Bennett the one casting the vote on her behalf?

Less than a year after signing the contract, Dr. Slater (link...) along with Berrong family, finalized their deal with Harmony Property Group. Harmony is the outfit responsible for the Overlook at Montvale.

With Sheriff Berrong as a American Fidelity/Green Bank board member, one might think he does his banking there. Is Dr. Slater involved with these banks?

Could this have been a quid pro quo? Give us the General Fund and we'll finance you raping every mountain top in Blount County if that's what you want to do.., and it looks like they do; (link...)

Sorry, here are the mintues from that meeting

Monday, April 11, 2005 – 5:32 p.m.
Room 430, Blount County Courthouse

Members Present: Keith Brock, Donna Dowdy, Robert Ramsey,
Otto Slater, Mayor Beverley Woodruff,
Scott Graves

Members Absent: None

Others Present: Sherry Sheffey, Mike Walker, Kenneth Melton,
Bill Dunlap, Bob Patterson, Linda King, Joseph King,
Lesli Bales-Sherrod, Dana Lamson, Julie Talbott,
Damon Fortney, Judy Hackney, Dave Bennett,
Dennis Cardin, Alvin Hord, Bob Kidd, Harry Grothjahn,
see also sign-in sheet

Approval of Minutes
The motion was made by Robert Ramsey and seconded by Donna Dowdy to
approve the minutes from the November 5th and November 19th, 2001
meetings. The motion passed.

Discussion/Possible Action
Blount County Trustee, Scott Graves, submitted a spreadsheet containing
detailed information from nine local banks regarding the bid for the
checking account. The motion was made by Otto Slater and seconded by
Keith Brock to choose American Fidelity. The motion passed with a vote of
5 yes and 1 abstain.

Meeting adjourned at 5:37 p.m.

300 seconds

I'm all for efficient government, but 5 minutes to decide where 37 million of our tax dollars are going? I wonder who abstained?

Citizens need to make sure those in government trying to represent the people don't feel abandoned by them.

submitted a spreadsheet containing detailed information from nine local banks regarding the bid for the checking account.

I like Excel as much as a hangnail, but that is one spreadsheet I would love to see. Anyone know how to get it?

Glad you noticed that....

I am guessing it was even less than five full minutes.

Observing from a surrounding

Observing from a surrounding county, I'm amazed by how much corruption Blount County citizens are willing to put up with. Do you really believe what is happening in Knox County could only happen in Knox County? Looks like you need a little sunshine of your own.

A matter of media outlets

In Knoxville, you have an editor of a paper who is interested the truth. Ours likes to sell homes.

Sunshine doesn't reach the underside of rocks. This is where 10 to 12 of those responsible for running (or running into the ground) the county slither under when they are done constricting the last tax dollar out of their unsuspecting citizens.

Four days after publishing a no comment from the Mayor and Lewis about the issue, the DT still has nothing. Forget the question Daily Times? Do you see no need to get answers for the citizens about the citizens business?

In Knox they reserve the front page for news, ours is for the dogs (link...)

Wake me up when Fido finds our missing cars.

over the county lines....

Ya know- that AG Opinion could well effect other counties since they too are / were under the Purchasing Act of 1957. Both Loudon and Roane come to mind as being under this act.

Ah, laws, laws, laws, don't ya just love them?


Who's next?

Looks like the General Fund Pirates are going to need someone else to cover their tracks (link...) . Any good lawyer knows it’s not smart to take a losing case. I wonder who they’ll sucker into taking the job now? Maybe Cunningham? He of course knows all the inner workings, and he’s a lawyer you know (in case anyone missed one of his constant reminders).

I know he’s currently mayor, but like Bennett proves, when it comes to sucking up to citizens in an effort to keep robbing them, there are no limits.

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