Oct 17 2007
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In a personal conversation, a Maryville resident said that her neighbors are coming out after dark to water their lawns and gardens.

What's the view from where you are?

Are residents taking our water situation seriously?


Not enough understanding

I have neighbors using their washing machines rinse water. I think the larger issue again goes back to the Daily Times. The articles I've seen still do not put the seriousness of the situation in perspective.

I agree

I still get a glass of water in most restaurant as soon as I set down. Most areas affected by drought serve water only on request. I think if someone is caught watering their lawn, their water meter should be pulled and reinstalled after they have their day in court.

I agree with your comment

I agree with your comment about the newspaper. I am frustrated in my search for information. I would like to read stories that share information and let me know how businesses and residents are faring.

As far as using graywater outside...some cities are explicit in their restriction of this water use. Does anyone know if graywater use was intended to be restricted by the "no outdoor watering" policy? Or, is it considered okay?

There has been nothing

There has been nothing communicated to the public about use of graywater. I was doing this myself using dishwater. I suppose someone could call the public information officer listed on the press release linked to previously.

I suppose some people could abuse the idea of graywater and intentionally "make" graywater inside to water their plants.

Go to this previous entry on

Go to this previous entry on Blount Views and click on the "Link" for the pdf of the actual press release from the Cities of Alcoa and Maryville. Print out the press release and slip it in the offending neighbors newspaper box. This will let them know someone is watching and, hopefully, they will heed the law.

water cops

If someone were to go to all the city stores and schools and fix those toilets and sinks that constantly run perhaps folks could water their plants.

Like I said on another post, having lived in NewMexico and CA I have a whole different view of this.

The Rain Cycle

If you go to any high floor in Blount Memorial Hospital, and look out over the horizon, you'll see a Brown Horizon. The brown colour is relative to the amount of particulate in the atmosphere. With Global Warming comes, global darkening. In essence the World is getting darker AND warmer--holding in heat. The photons of Light, coming from the Sun, must reach the ground in order to return the moisture from the ground, lakes, & rivers to the upper atmosphere to condense, form rain clouds and return to the ground. As the particulate level increases, the efficiency of the 'rain cycle' falters. The water in our streams is way down due to the lack of rainfall, and believe it or not--IT MAY NOT GET BETTER!!

We, as citizens of Blount County revel in driving huge Gasoline Guzzling behemoths, claiming they're safer than smaller more-fuel-efficient cars. These Giants put more and more particulate in the Air. This has to stop. I watched our own glorious elected County Commander-in-chief climb into his huge Dodge Ram 3800 King Cab duely wheeled Mega-Truck, by himself. Does a bigger truck make one more Macho? But alas, ask anyone who drives these monsters, and they claim the pollution comes from other people driving Gas Guzzlers, not theirs. Maryville's myriad of Traffic Lights house hundreds of Macho-Trucks idling away pumping trash into the atmosphere, needlessly. Scores of folks leave their engines running to keep their cabs cool while they go into a store and shop. It is shameles and this HAS to stop.

Anytime you wait at a Railroad crossing, you can't keep track of the number of Coal Cars speeding down the track 5 or 6 times a day. Coal Cars as far as the eye can see, all heading to the Power Plants to feed our greedy Electrical appetite. Again, it's always somebody else's fault. Burning ?Security? lights all night long. Leaving lights on in the house all night. Needlessly wasting electricity, while the Coal Fire Powered Electrical plants dump tons of particulate into the Air. One 100W bulb, left on for 24 hours consumes the same amount of energy as carrying to loaves of bread around the Earth twice--that's a lot of Energy, but we're spoiled. We like $0.07 / kW*hour, for some reason we think it's our God-given-right to consume all. Nevermind, that we're to be stewards of His creation.

It's a little rigged!! Change that !!

viva Evo Morales

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