Oct 26 2007

The Maryville Daily Times files this report.

According to the Daily Times, Judge young says Ms. Calixto is here illegally and that her work visa has expired. The MDT says they have a copy of her employment authorization card and that it is valid through Jan. 5, 2009.

Read the whole thing...

Where did the recent post go?

Where did the post about the illegal alien Calixto go? We were talking about that last night and now I cannot find it.

Surely no one got mad because they could not defend their position and had it removed.

Anonymous Troll #3,459

I would very much like to hear your defense of Judge Young spending an hour or so of court room time grilling a lady on her understanding of Revelation. When you are done defending that, please give us an explanation of why it was okay for Judge Young to dismiss the Order of Protection granted in a Knoxville court after the husband apparently battered the wife so severely that she had to be transported to the hospital.

Until then, we will assume you are merely trying to distract everyone from the horrifying details of those two stories by keeping us busy hearing your misguided ravings that are apparently firmly based in the premise that every immigrant is an illegal one and everyone who screws an immigrant is a Hero.

Let's hear it.

P.S. Why not get yourself an account? They are free, you know.

Anonymous Troll? How tolerant.

I don’t know why he grilled the lady, maybe he wanted to understand her though process. You know, there are a lot of nut out there.

As far as the illegal alien in concerned… simply making the claim that someone beat you severely does not prove the allegation. It is already established fact that the Judge did not dismiss her order of protection petition BECAUSE she is an illegal alien. That did not happen.

It is also a fact that The Daily Times has no documentation proving that Ms. Calixto is a legal resident. I had lengthy e-mail correspondence between Mr. Laney (who apparently shared our correspondence with a Larry Abridge (spelling error not intentional)). He could not provide any proof that Ms. Calixto is a legal resident. Mind you, I don’t need to see the actual documents (although that would be nice), I just wanted to know what they are.

Mr. Laney, through his biased reporting methods, has turned this entire situation into something it is not. This is not an issue about the personal safety of illegal aliens.

I have thought about creating an account. I just didn’t know how “tolerant” you guys would be toward an independent thinker.

Maybe Monday.


What ... no comment about wife beating?

PLEASE tell us what you thought of the wife beating story last weekend. I know you simply MUST have a justification for the judge on that one? Do please tell Lester. Let's see ... she must have done something to make him really mad, right?

You skipped a story, Lester

Lester, I'm talking about this story (link...). I would like to hear your defense of the judge dismissing the Knox County Order of Protection on Kathy Wright. And if the judge asked her for evidence of her citizenship, it wasn't reported in the article. From her photo, she doesn't LOOK illegal, but maybe you're using a different measuring stick to gauge a body's legality. Some of my people came over on the Mayflower and some were here to greet the Mayflower. I guess both sets were technically illegal, and therefore so am I, right?

Then we'll be delighted to hear your ideas for what motives Mr. Laney might have had to make his story about the Calixtos "biased." What, is he latino or something? And pray tell, why haven't you run right over to the DT with your proof of Mrs. Calixto's illegal status? (Or maybe you did and those biased editors are hushing it up?)

A troll is someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an on-line community such as an on-line discussion forum with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response.

I'd say that about covers the intent of most of our anonymous users, wouldn't you? That, and good ole fashioned spreading of misinformation in a feeble attempt to cover the butts of the powers that be.

Nope, read it.

Did she prove she was beaten? I know it sounds heartless, but I believe you should have some burden of proof when making the claim that a man has been beating you for 18 years. With all of the “hundreds” of documents the fair and balanced Rick Laney obtained, are any of them Emergency Room examinations showing physical abuse.

She is receiving $1k month from her ex-husband. It doesn’t sound like much but is the equivalent to making $5.77 per hour 40 hours a week for doing absolutely nothing. Can she not get a job? Is she disabled? Your assumption is not that she hasn’t proven her case and that she had failed in her own responsibilities, but that Judge Young is incompetent. Perhaps she should take charge of her own life and stop playing the victim.

Also, why would the Judge have asked Ms. Wright for evidence of citizenship? I don’t see what that has to do with the price of eggs in China.


Eggs in china

Why Lester, I'm so disappointed. You are being rather inconsistent. You thought it was great that Judge Young asked Mrs. Calixto about the status of her citizenship. Aren't you a little ticked that he let a potential illegal like Mrs. Wright slide on that pivotal question?

Independant thinker? You

Independant thinker? You seem more like a parrott to me, saying what you are told to say.
Mr. Laney does have proof of Ana's status because I sent it to him. Ms. Calixto has never claimed fear of physical abuse from her husband, but emotional abuse.
Ms. Calixto can prove her residency, and her legal status in this country.
If you know so much inside information maybe you know about the meeting between Mr. Hickman and Mr. Calixto the week the story broke. Do you want that meeting broadcast here for all to see?
I don't think so.

Yes, that’s right.

Yes, that’s right. You all have proof of Ms. Calixto’s legal status. Yet, you have strategically decided not to share it with the public. Good thinking. Brilliant strategy.


Why should she share her

Why should she share her personal documents with the public? Are you going to post your drivers license and birth certificate on an internet site? SS number? I think not.
This case will not be tried in the court of public opinion, sir.
You have seen a copy of the EAD and stated she still is an illegal.
We sent a copy to Young and they mailed it back, saying he could not accept it for some BS reason.

The burden of proof is hers.

I can go without seeing her actual personal documents. I just want to know what the so-called proof is. It is established fact that a valid Employment Authorization Document is not proof of current legal U.S. residency. This is according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

As far as her second source of so-called proof, I haven’t even read what it is supposed to be.


Nothing will prove this to

Nothing will prove this to you, I think. The facts are this couple were allowed to enter into a legal marriage in the USA. They have two children who are United States citizens. They have established credit and made a life here without causing trouble to anyone.
As Local Yokel pointed out all persons in the territories of the United States are entitled to due process.
You are just a hateful person who is hating on a poor working woman who is only trying to make a living and raise her children.
There is nothing for her to go back to in Nicaragua. This is the end of my conversations with you because you are not interested in truth, but only protecting a man who is not man enough to admit he made a mistake.
Adios amigito.

You tell us

Yet, you have strategically decided not to share it with the public

And by public you mean you? I'm sure all the lawyers on the case would like Ms. Calixto to lay her case out just specifically for you. The Judge's behavior is the reason she now needs additional council. Why should she ignore her legal advise and expose the documents that will help her win her case?

an independent thinker

Since you are apparently not tied to anyone, would you please grade the performance of the Mayor, Sheriff and Judge Young over the past year.

Let me get you started;

Judge Young; your legal documents aren't legal enough, your beaten ass wasn't beat enough and your religion is too religious. After two seconds of independent thought, I'd give him an A+.

You can finish:



I don’t even know what you are talking about. I’m just not able to follow your incoherent rant. What do the Mayor and Sheriff have to do with the price of eggs in China?


You said it

Just summarizing your thoughts on Judge Young. From your position, you recognize the government has given Ms. Calixto a legal document to work in the United States, you just want her to make a 1700 mile daily work commute. Mrs. Wright wasn't beaten bad enough to go the emergency room, so it doesn't rise to your standard. Maybe I assumed to much on Judge Young's opinion on the following; (link...)

What is your take on that one?

price of eggs in China?

If imported to Blount, those egg's would be the listed price, plus about $10 million unnecessary tax dollars; (link...)

Phinney's standards

Who said she wasn't beaten badly enough to go to the emergency room? I'm guessing these ambulances (plural) didn't take her to the Fresh Market:

She did get an order of protection from Circuit Court Judge Bill Swann in Knox County after beatings and ambulance calls — but it was dismissed by Circuit Court Judge W. Dale Young.

I also assume Bill Swann doesn't hand out those Orders of Protection without some sort of physical evidence or even witnesses.

The vehicle her ex-husband was to provide for Wright under a court order was repossessed when he stopped making payments on it.

And Phinney thinks she should have been immediately out working, which might have been somewhat complicated by lack of transportation. And care of the children: have you SEEN what daycare costs these days? Even after school care is costly. And there's slim pickin's on jobs paying enough to support a family that requires you just work during the hours that school runs.

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