Oct 26 2007

According to the KNS, Maryville and Alcoa have ended mandatory restrictions on water usage. Can't seem to get my MDT. Hope it starts back up soon.

In addition, the KNS article goes on to say, "A preliminary study estimates that the total reduction of water use by all customers in both cities led to a 30 percent drop in water withdrawals from the Little River." Good job!

Interesting tidbit from the City of Alcoa. We receive a newsletter with our bill. Alcoa included a chart this time outlining who uses City of Alcoa water.

Inside City Residential Customers = 7.4%
Inside City Commercial Customers = 10.3%
Outside City Residential Customers = 12.0%
Outside City Commercial Customers = 7.1%
Aluminum Co. of American= 45.3%
Tuckaleechee Utility District = 17.9%

Aluminum Co. of American=

Aluminum Co. of American= 45.3%

That explains why the City of Alcoa uses more water than Maryville, a much larger city. I was curious about that.

I don't think we're outta

I don't think we're outta the woods yet. I venture to guess that next year's Rain levels will be at -15 in. or more. I failed to mention that areas that contain Airports tend to have much greater Smog levels, in my last post. Atlanta, last month, when I drove through, had lots of "Breathing Alerts" and "Sharing Rides" signs ALL along the Interstate thru the city. Have you seen Atalnta's water woes lately? I couldn't imagine what blasts outta the rear end of a Passenger Jet's engine during take-off, but I'm certain it's not too breathable.

viva Evo Morales

Airports tend to have much

Airports tend to have much greater Smog levels

You are correct. East TN has an even worse problem due to all of the TVA coal plants. I can tell the difference.

Had a business associate that lived 20 miles East of Atlanta's airport. She had breathing problems and allergies. She went on vacation to the islands, Bahamas or somewhere. She had no breathing problems or allergies. She was completely surprised at the difference.

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