Oct 27 2007

We attended the support rally for Commissioner Wendy Pitts Reeves last night at Green Meadows CC. There was great turnout, with standing room only in the meeting room. Thanks to Linda Hageman for organizing the event for her friend and thanks for the food.

There were tributes to Commissioner Reeves and a show of appreciation for her integrity and willingness to stand up. Many praised her leadership in fighting for ethical government in Blount County. Commissioner Dr. Bob Proffitt was there, too, as he has been caught up in this witch hunt. Ms. Hageman, Linda King, Jim Folts, Joe Gallagher, Commissioner David Ballard, and Judge Mike Meares were among those who came to show their support and speak out on behalf of Commissioner Reeves and Commissioner Proffitt.

Sherri Gardner Howell and Lance Coleman from Blount Today were there, too. Ms. Howell turned it in to a press conference, and both Commissioner Proffitt and Commissioner Reeves tried their best to provide straightforward answers about the facts, which are complicated.

Anyway, two things struck me as interesting...

First, this was a bi-partisan (multi-partisan?) showing of support. There were Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, and even Ron Paul supporters (not sure where they fall in the political spectrum), all there for one reason: to support and promote good local government. As I have said many times, good government is not a partisan issue. We can disagree on policy, but everyone agrees we must have an open, transparent, aboveboard process.

Second, these were all people who recognize that Commissioner Reeves and Commissioner Proffitt are clearly community leaders of the utmost integrity. They can see this because they are themselves honest, caring, hard-working people whose only special interest is open, honest government run by competent leaders for the benefit of the community. These aren't the people making back room deals to further their own self interests at the expense of the community. The people there last night represent the bedrock of the community.

And I guess that's a third thing I've been noticing. There's something happening in Blount County. There's a movement towards open, progressive government, and people are becoming more and more willing to speak out. It's fueled by the courage of people like Joe Gallagher and Wendy Pitts Reeves and Dr. Bob Proffitt, who are leading by example. We need more of that in Blount County.

It's fueled by the courage

It's fueled by the courage of people

I do believe it takes courage. All of these people are admirable for their efforts. The Blount GOBs do not make it easy.

Ongoing support

I agree - it does take courage, and I deeply admire these people. I'm sorry I was logistically unable to attend Friday night. With folks like Wendy and Dr. Proffitt, we *have* those great public officials with integrity that everybody wants. Now I'm wondering about momentum - what CAN we do, and even more important, what WILL we do - to show *ongoing* support - as an ongoing message that the people don't want 'business as usual in Blount County' any more - to make clear that the citizens DEMAND integrity, DEMAND honesty, DEMAND good planning, and DEMAND an emphasis on the long-term health and quality of the whole community (as opposed to the short-term financial gain of the few).


Blount County should be proud of these people that are willing to step up and tell the truth. The GOB network has the wagons circled tight and don't want to give it up easily. The sun is starting to shine and it is so refreshing. I hope it spreads far and wide through the valley. Maybe one day we can get some of that sunshine all the way over here in Severe County. Go Wendy, go.

A bit different view from

A bit different view from the back of the room...

I saw people. People with real concerns and real issues that WPR has listened to and stood up for. Seniors who have ask WPR to hold the line on county spending because it effects them directly. I saw members of the animal rescue groups and members of organizations which fight to preserve the rural beauty of our county. Real people with real issues that simply turned out to offer support for Wendy in recognition of all the support she has given them.

What no one was prepared for was the press turning a simple gathering of friends into a press conference. I got to say, that pissed me off and not simply because the food got cold in the process of the Q & A session.


Wow. You really don't like BT do you? I have always thought their pieces were interesting and tried to show all sides. They certainly give more than the standard 4 inches on front and then a short jump. Wasn't at the meeting, so maybe Howell was rude. Who invited them if it was a party for Wendy?


We need good press and I think that is what Lance and SGH were there for.
Didn't happen to see other press there even though they were informed of the event..Perhaps the other newspaper want to continue with their slander and not dig down to find our the real story



What slander are you talking about via the DT?

The Daily Times = covering the Judge Young stories, all of them.

BlountToday = lots on non-conflicting interests, nothing on Young with the exception of the silly Commission vote to support Young.

We will just have to wait and see what BT reports.

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