Oct 31 2007



"Some members of the public might well assume a lawyer who had endorsed a particular judge for election may have an advantage in that judge's court over an attorney who endorsed the loser or failed to make any endorsements," Clifford said.

However, Robert Goddard, one of three county attorneys seeking endorsements for Young, said there is nothing improper about his actions.

School board attorney David Duggan and Maryville attorney Jerry Cunningham are also soliciting endorsements for Young.

I don't suppose anyone has a link showing where any of our local papers endorsed certain candidates this past election?

Say it ain't so Jerry, say it ain't so...

The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts defines due process this way: Constitutional guarantee that an accused person receives a fair and impartial trial. (link...)

"Thirty or 40" lawyers are planning to affix their names to the endorsement ad so far, Goddard said.


I'm sure it's hard for the Judge to be fair and impartial when it appears he has a few lawyers with their nose stuck up his ass with 30 to 40 more constantly kissing it. He spends so much time ignoring the rights of women, I'm sure he hasn't the ability to ignore those around his backside. But then again, maybe running an ad in the only local newspaper isn't brown-nosing?

Again citizens, are we factoring into the local equation or are we here to just pay our bill, our fine, our court cost, our settlement, our legal fees, and shut up? This is a small group of people who make up a text book political machine whose abuse of our government needs to cease.

We all should be asking, am I part of the problem or part of the solution? Remember, it's not THE government - it's OUR government.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson

Heard that name before

Isn't Rob Goddard the County Mayor's Attorney now? In other words, Cunningham's attorney? I think he replaced Norm Newton last year.

Don't sharks eat each other in the womb?

I'll guess we're going to get to see the extent these buddies will protect and defend themselves. Looks like ones already got caught with his hand in the NASCAR jar (link...)

Don't get distracted

Make sure you watch the magician's left hand while he's trying to get you to focus on his right. Talbott is a small shark in a tank full of much larger ones.

This is an important thread, keep it going.

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