Oct 31 2007
By: R. Neal  shortURL

We made up 93 treat bags. They're almost gone (and lots more are still coming). I was going to make a hundred, but, uh, some of the contents disappeared during assembly.

Best exchange so far: Are you Donald Trump? No (rolling eyes), I'm Harry Potter!

Best costume so far: A skeleton mask that spurted blood from the skull and trickled down the face when we handed out the treat.

UPDATE: Costume runner-up: The entire Kiss Band.

UPDATE: Exchange runner-up: Kids dressed as warriors, one as a ninja with a sword and the other in camo. Dad dressed as a Rabbi. The Mrs: What's with the weapons and war and a Rabbi for peace? Dad: It's all about the duality.


So far I have only passed

So far I have only passed out one huge bag to the neighbor kids. It contained over a dozen cans of food which will go to the local food bank.

Haunted Yard

Just got back from taking the grandson trick or treating. He was a zombie doctor.
In the Druid Hill drive area, close to Eagleton Middle School, there is a haunted yard! It was great! The grandson jumped back into the car and hollered "roll the windows up, there's Jason!" Once we got back home he cried because he didn't walk through the yard. This one should make the DT. Good job, neighbors!
Best costume: A lovely Scarlett O'Hara.

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