Nov 1 2007
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Jessica Stith is my hero. If this area means a damn thing to you - take that lady flowers at the Daily Times today with a thank you card.

Fourth Estate: (link...)

You go girl!

You go girl!

Now I have questions....

As strange as all this seems, why did the FBI come to town when it is up to the Tennessee Department of Safety to oversee seized property pursuant to the Drug Control act? (link...)

In addition to these broad legislative mandates, the legal division administers asset forfeiture cases that arise out of the seizure of property pursuant to the Drug Control Act (TCA 39-17-4 and
TCA 53-11-201 et seq, and 44-33-201 et seq) and anti-theft provisions (TCA 55-5-108 et seq). With offices in Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville, the legal division manages all aspects of these forfeiture cases, and represents the law enforcement agencies that seize the property. The
legal division also provides training to law enforcement officers in this area of the law. Though not mandated, the training enables officers to prepare better cases, which in turn strengthens the division’s representation of them.

Not certain, but ...


It's quite possible that the reason it was an FBI matter is because it involved the 5th Judicial Task Force. Not only that, but it seems the legal division is charged with representing the law enforcement agency and this was, and apparently is, a prosecutorial matter.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Flying pigs

“Just knowing the way he (Berrong) operates, I’m sure there was an internal investigation,” Cunningham said.

Or it's quite possible the only person full of more shit than the mayor is the sheriff. He can't find 25 cars, why should we trust any element of his investigative ability?

Sending flowers to Stith

So nice to see another investigative reporter arise from the primordial sludge that I used to think was the Daily Times!

That piece sure didn't look like a press release from the Sheriff's Public Information Officer! It'll be really embarrassing for the Sheriff and Internal Affairs if it turns out it WAS illegal after saying it wasn't so publically.

So do I understand Dumping Ground to say this is only 1 car out of 25 unaccounted for?

He can't find 25 cars, why should we trust any element of his investigative ability?

If so, I hope we see a lot more articles like this.

24 more missing cars

So do I understand Dumping Ground to say this is only 1 car out of 25 unaccounted for?

Yes there are 24 more unaccounted-for cars in the Sheriff's department. The State Comptroller has been looking into those since last May. For more details see (link...)

Car Wars

Thanks for the link, Win250. Wow, there's tons of stuff on there. That's the Citizens for Better Government site and I remember hearing them bashed by Cunningham. Guess that makes 'em all right by me!

Inventory done in Crayon

Because records reflected that Ronald Talbott purchased the vehicle just five days after it was traded in by the task force, The Daily Times asked Weltner if there was any way of knowing whether or not the truck was actually ever at Neill Sandler Ford.

“I don’t know if we would ever have a way of knowing if it was ever here or not,” Weltner said.

Yeah, a car is something that's pretty easy to lose track of. Just because your in the car business doesn't mean you would want to keep an inventory of them. Right?

I bet they won't know if 24 others were there or not either. I'm going to imagine many of the Sheriff's office file cabinets are going to start turning up cobwebs.

I wont be taking my car to

I wont be taking my car to Neil Sandler anymore for service.

Comment by local_yokel

Try theft as a criminal charge. Try fraud as a criminal charge. Better yet read TCA: Purchasing property sold through court!!! There is nothing legal about the "transaction". Interesting internal affairs investigation conducted, don't you think. Let's see the documentation, and VIDEO from the interviews done during this internal affairs investigation. The don't exist. The citizens of this county don't want to believe, refuse to believe, that Sheriff Berrong or his staff are in anyway involved in a cover up. No-one believes that he is capable of doing anything wrong. Wake UP

Cameras only when convenient

Let's see the documentation, and VIDEO from the interviews done during this internal affairs investigation. They don't exist.

Must have conducted the interview in the booking room (link...)

Pass the smelling salts

Pardon me but I am reading this that you are saying the citizens should wake up to the fact that there are things going on which they ( the citizens) refuse to believe. Do I have that right?
Because if that is the case then I want to simply say that it is not the citizens of Blount who need to wake up. General conversation all over the county is that there is- at least in some form- a problem.

People are a whole lot smarter than the Machine wants to give them credit for being. If it were not so, well, then they would not be fighting tooth and nail to discredit folks like Citizens for Better Government and other groups who are taking a closer look. There would simply be no need for letter writing campaigns in the form of Letters To The Editor. There would be no need to meet on patios or peer into windows from other patios. There would be no need to give campaign donations. There would be no need to send the freepers to Blountviews to post insane remarks.

If there were no problems at all The Machine would not waste time or effort.

Consider then that they do all the above and more.

So yes, I believe the general population of this county and a few neighboring ones as well know there are some real problems here in Stepford. It is simply going to have to be that those who do know start talking to the people who can do something about it.

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