Jul 24 2007

Long-standing traditions..this is one argument that is being fought in the stance of expanding Maryville High School. What are your long-standing traditions? How about the traditions and values of your children? Remember your children taking their first steps, riding their bike without training wheels, running through the sprinkler during the hot summer months, playing childhood games like tag and hide an go seek with the neighborhood children.

For many of our families in this community, these traditions will be taken away, if our elected officials choose to expand Maryville High School at its current location. Historic neighborhoods will be destroyed. The environment will be damaged. Trees and homes that have been cherished for nearly 100 years will be taken. You can’t replace historic neighborhoods once they are destroyed.

Think about your neighborhood; think about the use of eminent domain on your house.
How do you explain these things to our children? When I explained to my children, who have grown up in this historic neighborhood, about the plans for MHS expansion…do you know what they said? “Mommy, someone needs to call the police!” “They can’t tear down peoples houses.” My other son said, “Mom, lets call the President of the United States!”

There are several new residential developments that are in the planning stages, one development, is planning for over 180 new homes. This is already been annexed for the City of Maryville. Instead of destroying historic neighborhoods, how about using the powers of eminent domain on the developers land and build a new high school on their property.

I understand the long-standing traditions and values that former MHS Alumni feel. High School is a very memorable transition in ones life. It is after all a transition, a four-year transition, one of many we will go through in our lifetime. We need to start thinking about our future, what is truly best for our children and their education.

In the end our children are our most important assets. What kind of values are we instilling in our children by destroying historic neighborhoods to expand a high school, when there are other options available? Please contact your local elected city council, school board member, and ask them for preservation in our community, not destruction.



Yes, I think many people are concerned with the sports tradition at MHS, which is a great one!, but should absolutely be a secondary consideration. The neighborhood around the school is home to many children in the school system. Are we going to destroy the homes of the children that fill the schools? If the school does this, are they going to offer these kids a free pass to Maryville City Schools until they graduate? And what about the people in the neighborhood who don't lose their homes but will then have a parking lot in their front yards? How will they be compensated?

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