Nov 6 2007

I have never blogged until now although I have been following blountviews and the ripoffreport for sometime now. I guess I just did not have anything to say until now.

RNeals exchange last night with tootiepang was totally un-called for and extremely hypocritical.

RNeal did more to destroy the integrity of blountviews.com, than anything tootiepang could have done or said.

To "bait" someone into a confrontation and then ban them for that confrontation is about as "'underhanded" as anytrhing I have evr seen on any blog.

To ban someone goes against every principle of progressiveness, liberalism or any democratic ideal everh heard or invented in the history of politics. Being a Blount County democrat, I have always believed that inclusiveness is part of what we all should aspire to be, especially liberals and progressives.

In essence, by making this site only for progressives, liberals and democrats you have completely defeated you purpose. Does it actual get any more hypocritical than this?

There's actually a progressive that believes in exclusiveness? Are you kidding me?

I was actualy interested in what tootiepang had to say and it was a breathe of fresh air that this blog needed. Tootiepang was right on the money and obviously a local with knowledge that we've not seen yet. What a shame to deny the information.

Is free speech still part of the Constitution? I was thinking that it was.

I never thought I would see such an elitist attitude from a so called progressive, liberal or democrat such as RNeal. I'm extremely disappointed.

RNeal sounds more like part of the problem as opposed to the cure.

As a result of Rneal's "babbling" and hypocrisy, I know now what this bklog is all about so you might as well just ban me too. I probably will not be back. I'll keep following tootiepang on the ripoffreport.com which is obviously a blog with much more integrity than Blountviews and is inclusive not exclusive.

Nice job, Rneal. I would not be surprised if tootiepang doesn't really hammer you and blountviews.com on the ripoffreport.com.

And you know what? You deserve it.

This is just a Blount County Democrats take on what this blog should not be and how Rneal destroyed my confidence in Blountviews.

I couldn't disagree with you more

It is clearly stated what this site is all about. It is "Your gateway to progressive Blount County News, Opinions, and more..."

I happened to be on line when Randy posted the "Civility please" message. I didn't even think he was talking about Tootiepang, but a series of anonymous trolls ("troll" is an internet term for people who just come in and post things to stir controversy and wind up disrupting productive discussion) that have plagued our midst with a constant stream of disagreeable nonsense, and a couple of bloggers who were calling everyone else names (also not productive). Evidently, Tootiepang thinks everything is all about himself or herself and took exception and started issuing challenges. This after issuing veiled threats at another poster.

What else should a moderator do, but moderate?

This is a private internet discussion site, and we have the privilege of using it as long as we adhere to a clearly stated set of rules.

Cop Out!

That's really just a cop out on your part.

How can you use the word "private" eluding to exclusiveness and still talk about progrssiveness. Do you not see your hypocrisy?

Obviously, you should have warned tootiepang and the blogger who was agitating him before you banned him.

They have a small pamphlet in Townsend called the local Yocal. Do you have anything to do with this periodical?

Maybe you knew tootiepang and have a personal agenda against him. I don't know. I just cannot figure out why or how this happened. There has to be some underlying tone here that nobody knows about.

No matter what you say, It is still very hypocritical on your part.

What you did is not "moderating" it is fascism. Has fascism become part of the new progressive creed or what?

Well, then...

No matter what you say, It is still very hypocritical on your part.

I guess I needn't bother speaking if my hypocrisy is predetermined.

don't let the door

well, you know. ripoffreport sounds like the place you need to be.

So, what's your problem with civility?

Why the heck are you are defending a guy who made a thinly veiled threat? In case you forgot, I'll refresh your memory:

So tell me where you have your campfires and I'll tell you where I have mine and we can discuss Blount County face-to-face. CAPEESH?

Now, I understand that everyone loses their temper from time to time, but this silly outburst was totally unprovoked. The guy just sounds looney, and possibly dangerous.

But, but, but

Brah, he's from old family Townsend - he knows everyone and everything. he knows what's right and wrong. he's CAMPFIRE MAN!


Ya'll sound like a bunch of pansies who are scared of your own shadows.

Grow a backbone or quit bitchin'!


WE pansies aren't the ones posting anonymously instead of with an account that insures we are somewhat accountable for what we say.

No you post as lokel_yokel.

No you post as lokel_yokel. I guess we know exactly who you are.

You folks are really some sad individuals. And cowards.

You never did answer my

You never did answer my question concerning the periodical in Townsend.

Are you affiliated witht his pamphlet? I promise I'll let tootiepang know.

I'll answer

The answer is NO.

Not skeered of you, mr. anonymous

Just bored.

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