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Update folks.
An "America Recycles Day" Computer Recycling Event is
being held at Technology Solutions of Tennessee, LLC.

Date: Saturday, November 17th 2007
Time: 10am to 4pm
Where: Harper Plaza, 718 East Harper Avenue 37804,
downtown Maryville at the corner of East Harper and
East Street.
Contact: (865) 386-5865 for details.

TSOT, LLC will be collecting Computers, Laptops,
Monitors, Printers, etc. from consumers and small
businesses. Please feel free to bring your old TVs,
cellphones, ipods, stereos, DVDs, VCRs, and cameras.


[& Free Coffee from Detour Coffee]


No lead acid batteries or household wastes (chemicals)
will be accepted.

Here is your opportunity to get rid of your old computer, monitor, printer, cell phone....

Technology Solutions will be hosting this recycling effort and they are next to Southland Books.
What a great service to the community and for your efforts you will also receive a discount on some purchases at Southland that day! AND you get a free cup o'joe from Detour Coffee!

Hummm... let's get this straight! I can take in that pile of pc crap in the garage and as a reward for not hauling it to the landfill I get a discount on my purchase at Southland Books and a free cup of coffee?? No doubt folks, this is the best deal in town!

Thanks again to the gang at Technology Solutions of Tennessee and Southland for making community count!

Everyone, please don't

Everyone, please don't forget. Do NOT take over any PC with a hard disk that has something on it that can be used illegally. Do everything possible to make your hard disk(s) unusable. This is extremely critical and possibly has a legal part if you run a business and are planning to send some PCs to be recycled. Just because someone says they will do it for you, unless it is their business to legally do so and are liable, you do not know that all information on your hard disks has been destroyed.

At a miniumum:
We erase our hard disks.
We remove the hard disks from the PC.
We run a drill through the hard disks.

You go girls!

Thanks for a terrific promotion to encourage recycling old electronics. Tons of this stuff go into the landfills every year, and are loaded with lead, mercury, and other toxic nasties.

Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Southland books rocks and are a subtle community leader for progressive change. please support them.

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