Nov 7 2007

Printed in the Daily Times. County officials have given the go-ahead on the idea of creating an environmental court which, among other things, be a place to enforce littering laws. I travel all over the US and East Tennessee has some of the trashiest roads. I applaud the new director of Keep Blount Beautiful Allison Teeters for helping to push this along. Finally KBB seems to have someone who is genuinely interested in addressing litter an pollution in our county.

In the same article it looks like the Planning Commission is coming along in setting design guidelines for comercial buildings! The RAC has design guidelines, but not for commercial developments. I hope this happens quickly.

Not Needed

You don't need another court to enforce the litter laws. The current litter law is very strict, and many officers just won't cite someone knowing the penalties. Rather than create another court, why not pass a county ordinance with less strict penalties. It is hard to justify a $500 ticket and community service for a cigarette butt. However, a $10 for 1st offense and $50 for subsequent violations is do-able. My .02 cents.


The article did say that law officers did not feel like they could write tickets because there was not any way to enforce the paw. I think that having a dedicated environmental court will allow officers to write tickets and know they will be enforced. And I will say $500 seems steep, but do the crime, pay the fine. It won't happen again if someone has to pay that much.

I swear, forty or so years

I swear, forty or so years ago there was a great commercial, "Tennessee Trash". They should resurrect it. I suggest a new generation needs to see what it looks like to be such slobs on the open road.

Tennessee Trash

Maybe somethin' like this...


viva Evo Morales

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