Nov 11 2007

They Maryville Daily Times today retracted portions of a previous story regarding a controversial divorce case.

Here is the full text of the retraction.

This action followed four days after the husband's attorney wrote to the editor complaining about coverage of this and another case, suggesting there could be legal consequences for the paper. Here is the full text of that letter.

The original article about the divorce controversy is gone from the Daily Times website. The woman's attorney, however, had previously remarked on the case here in comments. His remarks are here.

Last night, her attorney reacted to news of the Dally Times retraction here in comments. His remarks are here.

At the center of this controversy is Blount County Circuit Court Judge W. Dale Young and his actions in this and two other controversial cases also covered by the Daily Times:

Immigrant: Judge told me to go home

Judge Young subject of judicial conduct review

Protection case patience urged (KNS)

Judge Young responds to Calixto appeal

Mom’s religion dominates custody hearing

So now, everyone at BlountViews is up to date on all of these unfortunate situations. At this point, all of this needs to be settled among the litigants, their attorneys, the courts, and if necessary the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary judicial conduct review process.

If anyone has further discussion, comment, complaints, or evidence, it should be directed to the appropriate parties. They are:

Attorney for Mrs. Wright
Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950
Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

Attorney for Mr. Wright
Craig L. Garrett
Attorney at Law
607 Smithview Drive
Maryville, TN 37803

Judge W. Dale Young
Circuit Court - Division I
946 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway
Maryville, TN 37804
Phone (865) 273-5550
Fax (865) 273-5558

Tennessee Court of the Judiciary
Disciplinary Counsel
511 Union Street, Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37219-1768
Phone: 615-741-2687

The Maryville Daily Times
307 E. Harper Ave.
Maryville, TN 37804
Phone: 865-981-1100
F. Max Croster, Publisher, 865-981-1134
Larry Aldridge, Editor, 865-981-1115


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