Nov 16 2007

Have you heard that the NEWSWEEK magazine has someone new on their payroll? None other that the infamous KARL ROVE will now have featured articles on the upcoming 08 election.

Our subscription was paid through 2012 to NEWSWEEK. Yes, that's right-WAS. I just cancelled the subscription giving the reason of not being able to any longer be a subscriber to a mag that would put the likes of ROVE on their payroll. Anyone else with like views on ROVE giving input on the 08 election and would like to cancel - here's the web site: (link...)


I too am a Newsweek

I too am a Newsweek subscriber. I will consider cancelling. I will definitely let them know of my dissatisfaction.

Hey, now, don't forget they

Hey, now, don't forget they also hired liberal netroots hero Markos Moulitsas of DailyKos at the same time. I found it amusing that they had to get a heavyweight professional liar and creep like Rove to "balance out" Kos, a blogger.

That's the point

That's the point Randy. Karl Rove, more than any other person in both political arenas, cares NOTHING about what or where this country is headed. To Rove it's all about putting the spin in a way that gets to his goal of victory for Republicans and adding weight to his legacy of being the Republican GOD of politics. I, for one, have had enough of political spin from both sides of the aisle and have begun to demand "straight talk" and "actions" that support the talk from politicians.

Karl Rove should stay on the unemployment line until after this coming Presidential election and if canceling a subscription that we have had for more years than I can count - so be it.

spin from both sides

"I, for one, have had enough of political spin from both sides of the aisle and have begun to demand "straight talk" and "actions" that support the talk from politicians."

Have ye ever considered going even further Left? Bernie Sanders is one of the most level headed Senators in our current set-up. Mi2Tn, it appears that the 2 party system, IMO has greyed in difference. The more obvious division line in our Country right now, is whether one panders to Multi-National Corporate trash or not. It is obvious to MOST people, that the US wouldn't be so far in debt, if we hadn't catered to Big Oil's lust for others' resources. We are now borrowing money from China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia (that our Grandkids might pay off); to pay for an Occupation, that no one wants, to profit an Industry that everyone hates.

Pandering to Corporate Lust can be traced all the way down to the Local Government Level. I applaud the existence of this Blog, in that it proves the existence of a growing Population of Progressives in Blount County, and is even read by our own County Commisioners. That's why I hope so much that our County can break ground on being the first to adopt Progressive Measures, so that one day Blount County can be a model for others to follow.

P.S. Karl Rove is rather strange and IMO disgusting, but I wouldn't put it past any Corporate Democrat to hire him for campaign management.

viva Evo Morales

The Bush Brain

The man he thought to be his father was not, Rove learned when he was 19.
Rove's stepfather was gay.
Rove's mother committed suicide in 1981.
Rove is a college dropout

I wonder who Cheney's brain is?


LOL great post!

Cheney's brain was that toy Scotter

Maybe that explains it

Maybe it explains why he is an angry, evil individual. Or, maybe he's several individuals? :-) You can't deny his prowess for the GOP, though. They didn't mind his below the belt, slimy tactics as long as it put them into the seat of power. Besides "W", have you ever heard anyone say anything positive about him? I don't know any Republicans who like him. He's probably a very wealthy man from their generous donations to the GOP, and later our tax dollars when in the Prez's employ.

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