Nov 17 2007
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Just a reminder for those of you ( like me ) who have a turkey sleeping in your deep freeze- it really does cook better if it is thawed out before it goes into the oven.

It is too bad that "real"

It is too bad that "real" turkeys, like there used to be, have been supplanted by the new, sterile, can't stand up without falling over, genetically engineered, bland "modern" creatures. All in the name of cheaper is better consumption. Once the gene pool is reduced to one or two kinds and there is an avian flu epidemic, we should not wonder what happened. Let the free market rule!!

good luck!

While circling the turkey trough at the local Kroger store I thought about buying a fresh bird. When you lift a fresh turkey it does not have the lovely bowling ball quality that a frozen bird has. Then there is the poke factor. A fresh bird would take away my tenderization technique. For the five days our frozen bird lies in state in the refrigerator it will be poked by everyone who opens the 'fridge door. They will just be checking to see if it is still frozen. The poking is followed by a progress report to the head cook and bottle washer. Forget to defrost the bird just one time and no one will ever forget it. Forgive, yes. Forget, no...

Saturday Evening Post

Mello, sounds like you and your family have a sort of Norman Rockwell type tradition going on there.

I can just see the picture in my head; kind of a darkened room lit only by the light of the refrigerator door pulled open, and the silhouette of a young tyke poking at turkey setting on the top shelf.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One man's Rockwell

One man's Norman Rockwell holiday is another's Robert Earl Keen or even James McMurty holiday. We are a small but solidly Keen sorta crew.

Here's a question for you all... how do Canadians know when to start putting up their Christmas decorations?

Naw, there is no punch line to this one. My friends UpNorth say the only reason we have Thanksgiving in late November is because we Americans would not otherwise know when to start hanging the holly.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all heading out on the highways. Stay safe.

Haven't even bought one yet.

Haven't even bought one yet. Waiting until Monday. Hoping for a non-frozen turkey. Wish me luck.

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