Nov 19 2007
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This link is a letter to the editor in The Daily Times; (link...)

I'm not sure how citizens are supposed see their government in the SUNSHINE when items are not publicly posted in the agenda. Whether you are for or against the extension of the Pellissippi Parkway, I think we could all agree it should be discussed openly and with due notice to the public. County Commissioner Reeves had a nice post on her blog advocating more open, deliberative discussions; (link...)

Members of our government are our representatives - not our "deciders".

meetings and agendas

Before we get to the agendas I would first like to know when the meetings are. Yeah, yeah, sure- go buy a paper and read it. Naw, I figure if the local governments pay for an ad in the DT then that same ad should always be required to show up in the legal section of the on-line version of the DT.

Cases in point, this month's Blount County Planning Commission meeting was not in the on-line legals. And some committee called the 1101 Economic Board Thingy was not in the legals on-line. For the record, both were in the print addition.

planning commission was too

The agenda was to printed in the daily times legal section as normal. Just for the record, since you did not see it does not mean that it wasn't posted. Facts help before wanting and needing to scream a wrongdoing for someone's lack of sight. Both the 1101 economic board and the planning commission's agenda was posted on Monday the 12th. thanks again for trying to mud the waters.

head on keyboard pounding time

anyone care to join me? :-)

J- did you perhaps miss this in my post....

For the record, both were in the print addition.

Now, perhaps you have a magic pc and only you can get them to come up ah la the on-line version? Please, share the magic so we can all see them online. Pretty please.

well first off I have had a

well first off I have had a call saying that "someone called me and told me that the planning commission's agenda was not printed in the newspaper" So I told the board member on a different board, that I saw it in there and went back through the papers and found it and told him. He said I knew you would know and he will call her back and let her know when it was. So go bang your big head on the keyboard and maybe just maybe your knot on your forehead will click this link (link...) and then maybe luck may have it that you will have big knot on your forehead for future months' agendas. One more thing, maybe you may just hit your knot on another link (link...) but I won't hold my breath because you seem to know the computer well and have all the keys to delete and edit people out that are not following you towards hypocrisy.

You had a call?

Gee, why would someone call you to ask you when a meeting was?

you're such a nice person NOT

get calls all the time from citizens. just because you are an all knowing individual with lots of dreams and ideas and full of yourself.

"I get calls all the time from citizens"

Aren't we all "citizens"?

I am sorry

I am sorry you did not understand the post. But for the record- I am no more than a guest on this site and only enjoy the same editing privileges you do.

Where to find meetings

You don't have to buy a paper. Since you obviously have access to a computer you can try checking the government site at (link...) for meetings and times.

Not about me...

It is not about me. If the purpose is to put these meetings and hearings in the paper- it should be in both versions always. The County calendar is not always correct or current. And as you may have seen, the up again down again county website contains no easy mention of the 1101 Committee thingy board.

I've noticed...

...that meetings don't all get put on the county's website, or at least not all the time and definitely not within the 5 days (every time).

I think what Mello is saying is that the county is paying to put these notifications in the Legal section of the Daily times (they have to do it in a newspaper of general circulation by a certain number of days before the meetings to meet the legal obligation). It would sure be nice if the DT would ALSO make sure they go in the on-line version, so more folks could see them.

Pellissippi Parkway Extension

Again, and I know I'm not the only one that's noticed--why would anyone build more roads when Folks will soon be FORCED to drive less? The Pellissippi Parkway Extension, anyway, you look at it (IMO), is a waste of time, and more importantly MONEY. We won't run outta Oil, or be Environmentally forced to quit consuming it; before the Value of the Dollar stops us from buying any. Is there a plan for open public discussion of the matter? Public Discussion of Infrastructure Developments is a great idea--but the Experts (GOB club) usually always win.

viva Evo Morales

It's obvious

that the City of Maryville wants the PPE for economic gain - nothing else. this economic gain will cause the couty residents to lose part of the rural character we love. screw the city of maryville. and yes, doug gamble, it is crap that they continuously support the PPE without having facts to base their judgement. but then again, their minds are made up.

I thought...

...that the LTTE from Doug Gamble on the topic nailed it perfectly. Here's a link: (link...)

Also, don't forget that the Chamber of Commerce has come out in favor of this and to heck with the Impact. They have a "Transportation Committee." It advocates FOR projects like the PPE and Southern Loop. Pretty sure that Blount County government pays into the Chamber of Commerce in a couple of different ways (and I'm not a fan of this: it sounds sort of like funding lobbyists, to me). It makes it possible that you could see the same people on both ends of an issue; both in the Chamber advocating and in county gov't doing - with little input from citizens at large.

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