Senator Alexander (and Corker) voted against consideration of the bill for Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment

November 16, 2007. Both senators from Tennessee voted against consideration of the bill H.R.4156. This bill, Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment Appropriations Act, 2008 would de-fund the Bush / Cheney nearly one-half trillion dollar occupation of Iraq. This bill would being to remove US service men and women from Iraq with in 30 days of its passage. It also prohibits the use of any US funds for torture, it demands measurement of progress from the Secretary of Defense, and it "Prohibits any funds from being used to: (1) establish any military installation or base for providing for the permanent stationing of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq; or (2) exercise U.S. control over any oil resource of Iraq."

Passage of such legislation would go far to reassure Iraqis that we are not there to rape their natural resources as many must fear. And from the actions of our Halliburton President, er... Vice President Cheney I would say the Iraqi fears are not with out foundation.

Call and ask Senator Alexander's office why you should vote for a senator who is working to get our service men and women out of harms way and not to profit Halliburton? Ask why won’t Senator Alexander work to prohibit the theft of another nations resources and the torture of human beings?

And remember to vote for a human being who will not shame our nation by authorizing the torture of any person next election.

Even if you are not, disgusted by the immorality of the Bush / Cheney war you should be aware of the monetary cost and what the idiocy of what Bush / Cheney have done.
The dollar figures from 2006 (NOT INCLUDING 2007 ) from: (link...)
show that

The US budget for Iraq in FY 2006 comes to $3,749/Iraqi. This is more than double their per person GDP. It's like spending $91,000 per person in the US. Why not just bribe the whole country?

I say, good question. Can you think of a single school or hospital in Iraq that this money has built? Of course there are some but you will not hear of it on the news because it would be bombed the next day. Have you really gotten your money’s worth? If you have ever voted for a government that is accountable to you, you must be outraged at the Bush / Cheney spending spree as is this social liberal fiscally responsible PROGRESSIVE.

Forrest Erickson

A little perspective Re: Senator Alexander Votes Against...

I think you're getting a bit too wrapped up in partisan politics.
For a little perspective, Presidents like Lincoln, FDR and
Woodrow Wilson committed bigger crimes against civil liberties
than did George W. Bush. Lincoln went to war against half of the
states, FDR removed the USA from the gold standard and instituted
a welfare state, and Woodrow Wilson got the country into WWI,
creating a police state at home, and setting in motion a chain of
events that led to catastrophic inflation in Germany and WWII.

A lot of presidents should have been impeached, such as Clinton
-- for about ten counts of violating the Bill of Rights --
Wilson, FDR and Lincoln, etc. For example, Nixon took the US off
of the last vestiges of the Gold Standard. George W. Bush
inflated the money supply, stealing about 30% of peoples' cash
money -- a crime which you fail to acknowledge or even indicate
understanding of the mechanism of, even after it has been
patiently and repeatedly explained to you -- and set up the vast
new anti- civil liberties DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security -- what
an intrinsically offensive term) bureaucracy, and he and his
cronies should certainly be impeached for that, but to assert
that his crimes against the people are far greater than those of
other administrations is simply ludicrous.

The past 7 years have been too erratic to follow

W's crimes against humanity, and the US Constitution are too great, and too many scandals pop up per day to keep up with. He WILL go down in history as the worst President ever. That is assured. What my gravest concern right now is the logic behind: Borrowing Money from Countries we don't like, to pay for an occupation we don't want, to support an industry we love to hate. That really has me pondering the direction of this nation.

A greater fear, we should all have now is, whether or not we put another Corporate Prostitute in the Whitehouse, be they Democrat or Republican. K-Street's stranglehold on our Federal Government is stifling and should be completely un-Constitutional.

viva Evo Morales

Re: a little perspective

No, George W. Bush has dug the hole a little deeper, but not as deep as previous presidents have contributed; and the next president will continue to dig it deeper, so by the "How deep the hole is currently" measure, the current president will always be the worst, for the forseeable future, until some major changes occur. Until that happens, the current president will always make us nostalgic for how good we had it under the previous president. Also, blaming the president is a bit disingenuous; the president basically "leads" by following opinion polls; the people have to take responsibility (and make the right changes; read on). The bad nineteenth-century philosophy of democracy (mob rule or tyranny of the majority) is still being pushed today, and most people believe in democracy. But this mob rule needs to be balanced by a senate consisting of large property owners (only people who are financially independent should be qualified to be senators), for stability, and appointed by the state governors, as a check and balance against unchecked, centralized power (state governors can be counted on to appoint senators who they think will promote the governors' power in the nation's capital, thus tending to counter centralized power). Otherwise demagogues can frighten and enrage the public, which is what is happening, which is why policy is going badly downhill -- they appoint a dictator, the president, to work their will, and, surprise, surprise, tyranny occurs. When people are afraid or angry, etc., rational thought ends. We need the senate to be a non-democratic, sober house of second thought. Then things might slowly improve. There are no quick fixes or easy answers, only tolerating things that you might not like, in order to prevent really horrible tyranny. The concept of the truly balancing senate (implementing it in the way described) is an item from the understanding of the Renaissance, that has been forgotten -- and willfully obscured by some parties -- due to bad nineteenth-century philosophy, to our continuing and deepening enslavement.

I'm NOT glad we're fighting them over there ...

After dining at an upscale Knoxville eatery this past Monday night, the conversation twixt myself, a former co-worker, and a friend, I've not seen in years from Japan; merged into travel costs. Most folks here in the US don't understand that, in Japan, if Oil were shut off from the entire Nation Today, the poorest worker working for the smallest company in Japan, will still be able to board his electric Train and ride directly to and from work--the very next Day!

For some reason, there tends to be a nation-wide economical cooling effect, when the poorest worker becomes immobilized. So, yes, I'm NOT glad we're fighting them over there, when they should be back over here, occupying every Fuel Refinery, and their associated offices, in all 50 states. Every penny of income from what small inventories of Fuel remains left, must be spent on building the Largest Federally Subsidized Passenger Rail service, in the World.

viva Evo Morales

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