Nov 21 2007

Contact County Commissioners

Commissioner Walker, several of us have contacted our county commissioners by phone, in person, and by e-mail, but we are also very concerned about the current and past actions that we have seen from these commissioners, such as;
1. Several years back they voted themselves a 200% pay raise without the item being posted on the agenda for that meeting, therefore without allowing any public input in to the issue.
2. Then they refused to reverse this issue after a very loud and public outcry from the citizens of this county, until it was time for re-election. Then it was reduced.
3. Although there has been many public meetings to register the citizens views on growth in the county, and it was established into the County Policies Plan as the #1 "Guiding Policy for the county, that the rural,small town and natural character should be preserved" we have seen our elected commissioners set by while the appointed members of the Planning Commission have not followed the county subdivision regulations which state that new subdivisions SHALL not be approved unless proper infrastructure is in place.
NOTE: These same regulations also define SHALL in the difinations "as always mandatory"
And the fact that MR. McDonald pointed out this fact for years, during his term on the County Planning Commission.
4. The commission has delayed the passing of any type of development tax on developers, until it is almost a moot point, now that the construction in the county has slowed down.
5. The commission, by delaying this action for years has allowed the builders to lobby Nashville until we very little choice in the matter.
6. The commission delayed adopting building codes for the protection of the citizens, even though the need for them was addressed in the 1999 County Policies Plan.
QUESTION: Was this delay for the good of the citizens, or for the good of the builders?
7. The current commission has voted to only allow the citizens of this county to address issues that concern them at the end of the county commission meeting, as items not on the agenda.
( One would think that the elected commissioners would like to know what issues of the county is on the minds of its citizens)

You need an option for NO.

You need an option for NO.

added option.....

No...? You lost me there bizgrrl.

I thought "Why bother" covered that....

Snark/sarcasm aside, the two

Snark/sarcasm aside, the two responses would be completely different in my opinion.


You are correct.

You need an option for more than one way

I have called and emailed both commissioners at various times over the years. A long time ago, I lived in the district with 3 commissioners and only 1 of the 3 was inclined to return phone calls.

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Due to technical limitations I can't mark all which would apply ;-}

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