Nov 26 2007

I have been told there will be a support rally for Judge Young tommorrow evening at the library. It will be interesting to me to see who turns out for this. The flyer was posted at the Justice Center of all places.
I know that the subject of Judge Young has become somewhat taboo on this site so delete if you must but I had to put it out there for all to see at least once.
I wonder if the DT will cover this one. They didn't cover Wendy's rally.

I hope the DT does cover this.

Yes, I do hope they send two reporters this time and someone to take photographs as well. It will be really interesting to see who leaves that room and I wonder how many folks will be watching and enjoying the Christmas concert at the same time those party clones leave the room. How cool is that? It will be like a live play with live music and totally unscripted!

How many local lawyers will be there? What about our local LEA in uniform? Will it be all women and will they all have blue hair and be wearing giant holiday corsages (made in China by child labor) on their fur coats? Which commissioner will be in charge of video taping the event to play at election time? Will the truly responsible GOP commissioners like McCulley and French and Murrell and Graham be there? Hey Mike! Did you get a memo telling you to go to this or have you been branded unfaithful for asking questions and thinking before you vote?

I guess I simply don't understand why they feel a need to do this now. I could have understood had they done this weeks ago when it was rather relevant. Now, most folks have simply forgotten about it. Why remind us now? What is going on around here that they need a diversion like this right now?

What's the message?

I support people's right to rally and support whomever they want whenever they want. I am a little concerned about the message this will send to the immigrant community, though. I mean the guy is under judicial review for his treatment of this lady. It seems kind of like the sponsors are picking sides a little early in the process.

If the organizers turn out to be in county government, that's sure going to look funny. Since the measure to support Judge Young didn't pass in the County Commission, it would seem to me like an "end run" if this comes from the Mayor's office or something. For example, the Vice Mayor (or is he Assistant Mayor?) heads up the Republican Party. So if the Republican Party happens to be hosting this rally, then it paints it a whole different color... do we really want to send this message to the immigrant community? The message that we don't care what your story is, we're going to support our own and all the way from the top of our local government.

When was the Rally to support Ana Calixto? Maybe there needs to be one. Perhaps the next room over in the library is available for tomorrow night at 6 p.m.

How can they not be in local gov't?

In TN we elect Vice Mayors but Assistant Mayors are crowned.

This is far bigger than the immigrant community.

I was told by several folks that this is less about supporting a judge and more about being against the coverage appearing in the Daily Times. Humm...the local machine is not happy with the DT's coverage of events and since they can't make the DT run a new R/C then they want some free, feel good type press instead?

If anyone is thinking of going to this you probably should call the library and ask if it is free and open to the public. You might get transferred three times to get to the correct person to ask and you might have to rattle off a list of possible names to find which is the correct reserved room.

You have got to be kidding

I wonder if the Blount County Mayor/Daily Times legal team of Goddard and Gamble will be there lobbying, err, supporting a fair and impartial judge at a fair and impartial party. Would Mr. Goddard be representing the Mayor or the Daily Times? Because Mr. Bennett could represent the mayor while still heading up the machine, err, GOP party activities. And Mr. Crotser could represent his paper The Daily Times. Oh wait, Mr. Crotser can't come because The Daily Times won’t cover political events. Anyway, I don't think The Daily Times is allowed around Judge Young (shhh - part of the front page settlement). Or, maybe the Mayor can show up and represent the GOP, Young, Goddard, Bennett, and Crotser (thru Goddard out by the woodshed).

The emperor has no clothes. He’d like to see the rest of you in the fitting room.

You'd think...

....Judge Young would have enough sense to call off the rally. Participating in it makes him appear insecure and desperate. It's inappropriate for him to do anything until the judicial review has been completed.


I am not sure Charles Pickering or Roy Moore got this kind of support.

Hey, are the screenwriters on strike? I just know there is a movie in this.....

Why not support the Judge?

So there should not be a support rally for the judge because he is under review? So much for innocent until proven guilty, right? Have you thought for a moment why the judge is under review? It is because MALDEF sent a notarized letter to the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary requesting an investigation. They are obligated to investigate every claim. Are you people really so naïve as to believe that he must be guilty of something simply because the review is taking place? Surely, you people are aware that MALDEF is a pro-illegal alien group.

As for the support rally for Ms. Calixto - I believe the support rally for Ms. Calixto is held every morning when other illegal aliens work local construction jobs that have been stolen from actual citizens of this community.

Do you suppose the Daily Times will send the fair-and-balance Rick Laney to cover the event or will they send someone who might actually cover both sides of the issue?

Are you saying...

Lester, are you saying that local builders and developers, who are so strongly supported by our county government, are guilty of hiring illegal aliens??

Oh no! Tell me it ain't

Oh no! Tell me it ain't so.... Illegal aliens are forcing these people to hire them..
I would stand up for anyone's right to rally, unlike some people who feel only certain select people have rights.

Boundless Hypocrisy

Local has asked you a question that deserves an answer Mr. Phinney. Maybe we can go up the Overlook Development project and you can call the sheriff to arrest his business partner former commissioner Slater for hiring illegals. Ready to make that call?

I think your timing is off

I went back and looked through all this stuff again, Lester. I've got to disagree with you here.

Young was under state review for THREE WEEKS before MALDEF and TIRRC sent the Court of the Judiciary the letter. DT reported the state investigation on 9/21/07 and the letter was not sent to the Supreme Court until 10/4/07. The state investigation was already under way (maybe for a week or two) before DT reported it.

So, weren't you pleased with the Daily Times reporting on the rally? Feel free to leave a message of praise on the Support Rally thread. ((link...))

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