Nov 28 2007
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Lemongrass (across 321 from Target) is a real gem. It's a nice little white tablecloth place, so it is good for a date, but not too fancy a place to go with children if that's more the stage you're at. They serve "good" Thai food (it may not be the most authentic on the planet, but it IS good) and I enjoy their sushi. They don't have much turnover with their wait staff, so they remember each member of the family, inquire about the ones who are missing, and already know what you're going to order when you walk in there. The staff are very friendly and put everyone at ease.

I don't know if they will ever do it again, because they had an unbelievable crowd, but tonight was Wednesday $2 Sushi night at Lemongrass. They had 3 sushi chefs, so they ticked through the orders in an amazingly efficient fashion. Apparently, it is available for take-out as well.

If anything, I would love to see this restaurant double in size, with about quadruple the parking spaces available.


Lemongrass has opened a

Lemongrass has opened a second location on Executive Park Dr. off Cedar Bluff in Knoxville. The location is much larger than the one in Maryville.

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