The Blount County Civil War Roundtable (BCCWRT) is proud to welcome author Ron Jones, at their November 29th meeting, 7 pm. at the Saint Paul Lutheran Church. He will be speaking about his historical novels, "War Comes to Broad River", based on a diary kept by his Great Great Grand Uncle during the War Between the States and "The Road to Rock Island", based on the service of his Great Great Grandfather and his imprisonment at Rock Island for the last year of the war. Both books are stories of real people caught up in one of the most tragic periods of our history. Each follows a small band of men from northeast Georgia, one serving in the Army of Tennessee and the other in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

Mr. Jones is a Knoxville native and graduate of the University of Tennessee. After retiring, he has renewed his love of history thru genealogy work and writing and speaking on both the War Between the States and the American Revolution. He is also a member of many heritage and historical groups in East Tennessee.

Blount County Civil War Round Table meetings are heldon the last Thursday of each month, at Saint Paul Lutheran Church, 429 Sandy Springs Road, Maryville, Tennessee (very near Foothills Elementary School and Maryville Fire Station on Sandy Springs Road).
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For more information call Teresa: (865) 556-0315

and the 29th

Interesting that this event will be held 144 years to the day after the horrible battle at Fort Sanders.

I'm new to learning about the Civil War

Although I have read several books about Lincoln. But I have found the programs at the BCCWRT very interesting and informative. I have definitely learned things. And enjoyed learning them.

I believe I did read about the Fort Sanders battle at the New Blount County Historic Museum. It has a large room on Blount County and the surrounding areas during the Civil War.


Could not help thinking about our current views

I could not help thinking about our current views on the treatment of prisoners, during Mr. Ron Jones talk. He spoke about Rock Island, a Union Prison Camp on the Mississippi River. It was noted for its terrible conditions, where many Confederate soldiers died. (For those who read "Gone with the Wind," it was described as the Andersonville of the North. It was where the fictional Ashley Wilkes was interred.)

"In ’64 word had gotten out about the conditions of Southern prisons. There was little understanding or empathy for the reasons behind these conditions. The North’s response was of anger & a desire for vengeance. Prisoner’s rations were halved in June of 1864, there was no shortage of supplies, it was a direct retaliation intended to make Southern prisoners suffer."
There was even a resolution, Senate Resolution 97, (link...) passed to encourage this mistreatment of prisoners.
And then I see the pictures of the water boarding. Haven't we learned anything in 150 years?


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