Nov 29 2007

Caption this Daily Times photo.

I'll get the ball rolling:

Mayor Cunningham asks "Who among you accepts the Republican Party as your personal savior?"

Mayor Cunningham asks "How many of y'all think the Daily Times is a tool of liberal left real estate developers and that all these bloggers or whatever the devil you call them are a bunch of terrorist sympathizers?"

Mayor Cunningham asks "Who wants pie?"

Keep it clean.

(Disclaimer: Our crack team of litigious pit bull trial attorneys has counseled that this is not a competition and only an exhibition so there is no wagering allowed, and that entries not straying out of bounds are parody and/or satire protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which they believe to still be in effect in Blount County.)

mayor cunningham asks

mayor cunningham asks Who here wishes Joe Gallagher would have won the Blount County mayor's race in 2006?

Fish in a barrel

Who here thinks the press from tonight will be great!?

Since Charlie Rich died, would anyone mind if I took the nickname the “Silver Fox”?

Who here thinks I can be every bit as politically divisive as Bush and Bush’s brain? (link...)

How many of you have never been on a blog?

How many of you will blog tomorrow to see how these folks will cower to ol’ Jerry?

How many of you like Twinkies?

This is too easy…

The King

How many of you like Twinkies?

Dave, one hand will suffice.

OK... How many of y'all


How many of y'all think that picking this scab will garnish more bad publicity for Blount County Republicans that we don't need?

slow news night...

We could instead debate the origins of the term testicular fortitude


The Testicular Fortitude Test

In the spirit of mello's comment, and in order to determine whether you have "what it takes" please visit this site . . .


Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

No fair!

You didn't post your results! Just copy the gibberish under "post your results on your blog" and paste it in the BVs Reply Box. See mine under "Testicular Fortitude."

You know, Jerry's right: I would never say that word in public. And I wish he wouldn't either! Good Golly, there were little ole ladies in that room...

My results are forthcoming . . .

Sorry, Local, I was trying to find email addresses so that I could get the responses of the participants in 'non-political' meeting held Tuesday night to take the test . . .

Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

My Results: The Testicular Fortitude Test

With considerable trepidation, and realizing my fondness for the animal kingdom-including but not limited to those whom I viewed in the video of the Tuesday night gala at the Blount county library-the results of The Testicular Fortitude Test . . . drumroll please . . .

The Testicular Fortitude Test
Your Score: Iron
You scored 15 malleability, 21 ductility, and 50 melting point!


Isn't rocking (the boat) in the spirit of the evil bloggers of blountviews?

Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

we all lost points

We all lost points for knowing what a narwhal is without being told and knowing that i goes before e except after c or when sounding like a as in neighbor and sleigh or something like that....

Who's ready for Spanish

Who's ready for Spanish class today?

Priceless AB

Senior Cunningham asks;

Quién es más mancho Ricardo Montelban o Jerry "The Silver Fox"

Oh Senor Cunningham eres

Oh Senor Cunningham eres usted.. (porque nesisita muchas favores.)

Oh Mr. Cunningham it is you..(because I need many favors)

This is just too much fun....

Thomas F. Mabry

Caption: "Please raise your hand if you have taken the Testicular Fortitude Test . . . I have!"

Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

I am embarrassed to reveal

I am embarrassed to reveal my results. And I thought I had a strong, manly handshake! Must have been something to do with dolphins.

Not to Worry . . .

I understand that you can take the test more than once if you are displeased with the results . . . just like changing the truth to fit one's political agenda . . . or making a court ruling or political decision based not on the law but on the race and/or gender and/or connections of the affected one(s) . . .

Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

this is sexist!

I demand a recount! The fortitude of my ovaries can not be measured on a manly man's, he man, woman haters test. However it was nice to be reminded that it is now time to start baking the holiday cookies....

Whoa! This Chick ROCKS!


Well, at least that what the test results said. My testicular fortitude beats the pants off most of you MALE bloggers! Hey, no guts, no glory!!
BTW, that was hilarious fun, thanks for sharing the link.
Here are my test results:

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 99% on malleability
You scored higher than 99% on ductility
You scored higher than 99% on melting point

The caption for Jerry's photo: "Seig Heil! Seig Heil! Seig Heil! Power! It's mine, all mine!"

Ok I'm in - We All Rock!!! We Got Testicular Fortitude!!

Who'd a thunk it?

You scored 15 malleability, 28 ductility, and 14 melting point


Photo Caption:
Can I get a hallelujah from ya'll this evening, brothers and sisters?


Put your right hand, do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around.


Wrong...Just so wrong...

People with platinum balls tend to frequent high-class nightclubs, drinking gallons of Cristal with their posse well into the wee hours of the night until, unprovoked, they open fire on the bartender with their pearlhandled glock, killing the man and inciting chaos. They later blame the incident on a hooker.

I wouldn't hurt a fly without provocation, there's not a single handgun in my arsenal, I can't drink a gallon of anything anymore, and my posse is afraid of me since that last little incident at Wayne's just outside of Rockwood.

Hey, tin balls! Yeah, I'm

Hey, tin balls! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Who's got the weakest balls on the block? That would be you! Way to have tin balls, Tin Man!

Geez. Who'd a thunk.

Voir Dier

Now, ah, ladeeze and genteelmen, I ain't reeeel smart like them sons of guns on that innernet thang, but i does know if it ain't leegul, it's uhleegul, or as granny used to snap uppair in th' cove, 'gin th' law! Now theeese outta towners, yankees, carpet baggers done come here an started askin questuns that ain't needin' answers and talkin' 'bout me on that web thang. Now you uns all know a spider uses a web and a spider is just a snake with legs. Now how many done thank 'at snakes, spiders and them webs are of th' devil?


That's some skillful phonetic spelling there, Peto Verum! You could write a book on local lingo...

Now don't cha ya'll furiners

Now don't cha ya'll furiners be a pokin' fun at us local folks. I mean I gadeated from Evuret Hi Skool and I know how to talk right purty efin I take a mine to.

But I am not a Yankee . . .

But I am not a Yankee . . . I graduated from Central High in Knoxville . . . and the University of Tennessee . . . and I'm a former jock (we whupped ole Everett High in football) . . . And I speak Spanish . . . what am I doing in THIS group? I think you alls a bunch of furiners (that is foreigners in 'Merville' lingo speak) . . . and I have IRON testicularity to boot!

I filed a document in Knox Chancery Court today that mentioned a former US Attorney and a present Blount County Circuit Court judge and a certain Blount County attorney (who can't run for judge because his finances are questionable) and a certain Knox County attorney who was indicted by a Knox County Grand Jury for spousal abuse . . . they all seem to associated in obvious and myriad ways (I learned that word 'myriad' at Shannondale Elementary School in Knoxville).

Anyone interested in reading the document?

Thomas F. Mabry
P. O. Box 52385
Knoxville, TN 37950

Fax 1-888-215-3119
Phone 1-865-271-9224

Are you kidding??

Quit teasing us and post it!

Like an old top

Cunningham asks,

Have any of you heard I used to be a former US Attorney?

Does anyone know the lyrics

Does anyone know the lyrics.... (link...)

I'm in the dance band on the Titanic
Sing "Nearer, my God, to Thee"
The iceberg's on the starboard bow
Won't you dance with me

Internet thang

Apparently this problem with the internet is not an isolated incident. It's also causing problems next door.

Mayor Cunnigham says...........

Mayor Cunnigham sings/says...who's sorry now?


How many in this room support Hillary for President?

[strike two]

or........let's see, the Hitler reference has already been stated and
you did say this needed to stay clean....

guess i need to sign off and go work extra hard to get this and other clowns out!

Let's keep these legal

Anyone interested in reading the document?

Let's keep these legal documents in the courts and lawyer offices. Too much information here already.

well then...

How about this? Start a new line of tee shirts. Submit ideas for slogans like "Hey Mayor, check out my fortitude!" or "I've got the biggest fortitudes around" then have the best ones printed and sell them. Of course all proceeds should go to the New Order of Blount Arrogant eLected Leader's Society. Who knows, N O B A L L S might provide scholarships from the proceeds for the poor, stunned, victimized county employees who only make $60K per year and stop them from fleecing the taxpayers!
Get those suggestions in quick, they need more of our money ASAP!

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