Dec 3 2007
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Maryville City is lighting their Christmas tree tonight. It will be located at the Greenbelt right behind The Daily Times offices, next to the pedestrain bridge that goes to the library.


Continuing the war on Christmas

Now, you do realize that Christmas is a federal holiday so, obviously, there is nothing wrong with a governmental sponsorship of such an event.

As long as Congress does not make a law that establishes a federal religion, the Constitution will not be violated. Surely, you people can read the King’s English.

Christmas Cheer

Do the Tax Revenues on Alcohol peak during the Christmas season? Had JC turned water into Fresca, I don't think the season would have been as fruitful and Jolly.

viva Evo Morales


I read somewhere that Christmas trees are permissible on government property because they are not actually a symbol of Christianity (they pre-date it). It is the creche that is disallowed.

Hanukkah starts tomorrow evening; wonder if they'll have a menorah lighting, too?

Peace on Earth

As one who sees a lot of abuse of government using religion and vice versa - I'm not sure lighting a Christmas tree is something to get worked up about. Maybe Linus has the answer; (link...) Take two minutes to watch - it may restore your faith in what religion could be.

You will not find me in

You will not find me in anyone's church on Sunday morning, but I do think a mention of the story of Christ's birth at a tree lighting is completely acceptable. It is what the holiday is about after all. A celebration of the birth of a very important and influential person.
If Christians must be tolerant of other religions and their celebrations then even bible thumping Baptists should be shown some toleration. It goes both ways.
The Bible is one of the greatest books ever written, even it has been used as an evil tool many times. To read from a great book should always be acceptable.

"Love Is My Religion"

Um...You do know that the

Um...You do know that the tree has nothing to do with the Christ story, right? It's a Pagan tradition.



To read from a great book should always be acceptable.

Tree lighting

So, you're okay with the fact that Walker Johnson read the Christmas Story from Luke at a city-sponsored event?

No I am not ok with any

No I am not ok with any religion being promoted by any government anyplace. People who think a Christmas tree is not a Christian symbol are working really hard to kid themselves and excuse government sanctioning of that religion. One way to test it is to object and see how quickly some selfstyled oppressed Christian complains that the objection is an affront to Christians everywhere. If it is not a Christian symbol, then doing away with it on public property cannot be an affront to Christians.

If Christian churches want to invite the public to celebrate Christmas on their property and people want to go, fine.

What do you suppoes would have been the response had a Jew or Muslum or Buddhist wanted to read something important to them at this "non-Christian" event?

I would prefer Burl Ives

And on Earth Peace and Goodwill toward Men. I don't care if that comes from Luke 2:14 or Cool Hand Luke - the message is what applies.

It's the Walker Johnson part

It's the Walker Johnson part that's creepy.

They going to have a nice

They going to have a nice Baptist prayer to go with it, just to make sure we get the point?


We watched the Lighting from Hector & Gloria's Place. Yet we did get to ride the Sleigh & Reindeer Ride--me kids had a blast!!

viva Evo Morales

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