Dec 5 2007
By: Dumping Ground  shortURL

As it stands right now at 11:55, the Daily Times online poll asking "Has Lamar Alexander done a good job as a U.S. Senator?" is running 38.5% Yes and 61.5% No with 213 votes.

I think Mike McWherter gave up to early. Is anyone else running?


You gotsta look at his record. Introducing Legislation to make it illegal to sing the Star-Spangled-Banner in any other language but Inglisch. Along with Wizard Bill Fist, introducing legislation to get Ronnie Raygun on the $10 bill. Backing up the Buschies on every Exxon-War funding bill. And a host of several other anti-Gay-Illegal-Immigrants-Stealing-Your-Guns-And-Burning-American-Flags legislation. He knows what's Right, and I mean faaaar Right for America. Bob Corxxon is the really scary one of the hood, for he even openly admits that big Oil paid for his ascension, and therefore you know where he takes his marching orders from--the Houston Cartel.

viva Evo Morales

Never saw the results. Can't

Never saw the results. Can't find them in today's paper. Anyone know the final tally?


Sorry R. I should have noted 11:55 pm. I guess a vote or two could have happened after my post, but I think you can count on the percentages.

Can't find them in today's paper.

It will be interesting if they print those results for the hometown boy. Although, Ruby Tuesday asked, and the DT posted those unfavorable responses.

Lamar is finding out what Gore knows. Don't take Tennesseans for granted. Et tu Blount County?

One thing's for sure...

If noone runs against him, he'll win in spite of the DT poll!

Lamar by default

That was my point. McWerter quits before he starts? He must have gone to the Nancy Pelosi School of Government.

Moderates, Independents, and Dems are begging for something else, obviously something else is needed and again we have nothing from the opposing party.

Granted it's online users, but this is Blount County and he is Lamar. I think those numbers say a lot. A little of what they say is, like in 2006, people are still pissed.

Regime Change

When is Lame's regime over? '06? Who is running against him? An opponent would have a greater chance this go-round, but I've heard nothing of a contender.

viva Evo Morales

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