When: Thu. January 1, 1970 12:00 AM

This year's party is just for fun. Larry Burns will be our DJ so come and dance or just visit with friends. Our Democrat Commissioners (Wendy Pitts-Reeves, David Ballard, Jr., and Dr. Bob Proffit) should be there as well as Judge Mike Meares and our local party officials.

This will be a casual affair, not a sit down dinner. Please bring a finger food to share. Also feel free to bring a new unwrapped toy as we will once again be collecting for Toys for Tots.

This is not a fundraiser but we do need to pay for the facility and DJ. The Cost is $15/person or $25/couple at the door. A cash bar is available.

The party begins at 6 PM at the American Legion Post 13 at 244 Waters Road. If you need directions please call Marge Fugate at 983-2486.


I am not offended by the

I am not offended by the word Christmas. But if the Democratic Party really wants to be inclusive and actively welcome and encourage the participation of people of all faiths (and no faith) and to distinguish itself from the Other Party which probably does not, it should think hard about what terms it uses. If the party wants to have a party in December that celebrates Christmas, a holiday for Christians, it certainly can do that. But it should know that doing so does not welcome and encourage Jews or Muslims or Buddhists or people who do not identify as Christians.

If those people are welcome...really welcome...,why not act welcoming? I think the dominant group always has a hard time understanding how it is to be something else, so majorities say "why make a big deal out of it?" or "what's the big deal, we know we are friendly." And then someone offers a prayer about justice and democratic values and ends it with "In Jesus' name, Amen" and never think about what that signals to a Jew or Buddhist about his or her place in the prayer or group.

I want a Democratic Party that consciously and always includes people.

Apology for the word Chrismas

I do want to send a sincere apology to “yellodog” if you take offence to the word “Christmas”. It is not an executive decision on using “Christmas” over “Holiday” or some other phrase. Many of the Democratic Party members are Christian, and think it necessary that the word “Christmas” be used. Myself being a Christian, I agree. I do, however, see your point about being inclusive, and the Democratic Party is that. I know no one in the Party that hold any grudges against anyone else for their religious beliefs, or practices; and that goes for me personally as well. Whereas the Republican Party would publicly reject and person based on religion, the Democratic Party will not. Being inclusive, open to different ideas, and ways of life is what the Democratic Party is about. Therefore, in having so many different people in the party it is sometimes hard to make everyone 100% happy all the time. So I ask that you please come to the annual party, and respect the word “Christmas” as I respect your view of the day, and have a good time.

I guess it is too much to

I guess it is too much to hope that the Democratic Party leaders in Blount County would have a party that welcomes Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, the non-churched? A substantial number of BC voters do not identify as Christians. Are we not trying to build a majority of BC voters? Or do we just want the Christians?

I suspect that anyone who would be offended by the party's having a "Holiday Party" will not vote for any Democrats on the national scene anyway, so why not try to be inclusive?

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