Dec 7 2007

Pellissippi Parkway Extension and "development" are the unstated reason for the interstate, according to a persuasive letter to the Daily Times. (link...)

I think Mr. Templeton correctly identifies the real pressures for this project, which of course noone will admit to in public. Since TDOT itself acknowledges that the highway will not make traffic flow any better, what other reasons are there for persuing it?


Sounds likely

I've never heard the proposal to connect Townsend to Pigeon Forge, but it makes sense - mainly because nothing else about the PPE does.

I've long been suspect of dumping a four lane interstate into a state hwy that narrows to two lanes through the mountains. What's the point, to create traffic jams?

Mr. Templeton's theory makes more sense than anything TDOT has proposed.

Traffic Flow

I don't think the route that Mr. Templeton talks about is true. However ignorance is bliss. I think TDOT is pushing the COMPLETION because of traffic flow through Alcoa, Maryville takes forever. I wonder if the PPC (pellissippi parkway completion) is partly due to Alcoa highway traffic. Perhaps it's going to cut down on traffic and accidents along the Motor Mile. I'm just as curious as to everyone else as to what TDOT's reasons are. I'm sure we won't ever get a real reason.

traffic flow through Alcoa,

traffic flow through Alcoa, Maryville takes forever

That statement always make me chuckle. I drive this area nearly everyday, even during "rush" hour sometimes. Define forever? Five to ten extra minutes during rush hour? The rush hour on Alcoa Highway last about thirty minutes. Wait a few minutes before leaving work and there won't be much of a problem.


I think there are nine traffic lights from Associates Blv in Alcoa to the last one down past BMH. Lets say that each traffic light stays red for three minutes plus nine lights (9x3=27) thats 27 minutes. We could play nice and say that each light stays red for two minutes (9x2=18), thats still eighteen minutes. Thats if you catch every red light not to mention in the heavy traffic rush hour one may get a few of those lights twice. I consider myself a very patient man, but sometimes that drive takes what appears like "forever".


I personally think that the I-140 is just the beginning of the proposed Interstate 3 from Blount Count to Savannah. Remember the story earlier about this where some Congressman said the poor folks from Knoxville have to go out of their way to get to Savannah so he's/she's gonna run an interstate down the Chilhowee mountains and cut across the mountains (new road) and run staight to the coast. I can here it 30 years from now "This valuable road project has been on the books since 2005. The time is now to complete it".

Alcoa Highway has it's own traffic dynamics. Yes, the PPE would reduce the traffic slightly on this road, but the fact is Alcoa Highway is not designed for the existing or slightly reduced traffic. I do not understand why Alcoa Highway is not the road priority for the county. Oh wait, yes I do. Business people and government officials have twice turned down proposals to improve Alcoa Highway because of "business interests." We could have seen ocnstruction started on improving this road by now if it wasn't for the business interests and how they cried about how the construction would impact their business. I personally think the business owners should partially be held responsible for the deaths on this road since 1993 (when they first rejected improvements to the motor mile). And by the way, I do not support the Alcoa by-pass. Huge waste of money. the existing road should be improved to a limited access highway. Cost half as much as a new road.

US 321 is slated to be widened through Wears Valley I believe, so the theory of running folks through the PPE to Pigeon Forge is plausible. I still think traffic from the south will take US 321 in Lenoir City, north and east traffic will take Exit 407, as will most west traffic.


I too do not support an Alcoa Highway by-pass, I agree that is a total waste of money. What should happen along Alcoa Hwy is to create access roads that run parallel to the highway on both sides of the road to allow traffic to enter into those businesses. I've seen this in North and South Carolina and it appears to be working for them. Alcoa Hwy it self does need improvements as well.

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