Dec 11 2007

Looks like the DT is back in the “fold”; (link...)

“During comments at the end of the meeting, County Mayor Jerry Cunningham told committee members that a formal policy addressing tuition reimbursements for county employees would be included in the upcoming policy manual for county employees that will distributed in January 2008.

In the interim, Cunningham said that he implemented a policy prohibiting any reimbursement for tuition paid to unaccredited schools in January after it was discovered that the Blount County Circuit Court Clerk received $3,910 from the county for bachelor’s and master’s degrees from an online diploma mill.

Following an article in The Daily Times, regarding the degrees that Circuit Court Clerk Tom Hatcher had received from the unaccredited Columbus University, Hatcher repaid the county and successfully sought a refund from that institution.”

Was this brought up at the meeting because Hatcher’s dead horse (and political career) wasn’t dead enough? Or maybe, just maybe, the Mayor brought it up because of this more recent story: (link...)

I hope in the next Our Voice, The Daily Times management can ask for our money back from these deputies in between asking for more money for their boss – again. (link...)

Funny how today’s Our Voice (link...) about local hero Lamar also fails to mention The Daily Times own poll that asked; “Has Lamar Alexander done a good job as a U.S. Senator?" The total 38.5% Yes and 61.5% No with 213 votes.

Looks like “Our Voice” applies mostly to the minority of Blount Citizens. Maybe the “who’s who” crowd?

Sen. Alexander says; “I think we need to do an even better job of expressing our beliefs in a way that it rallies voters and attracts independents. I think (the conference election) suggests our conference is looking for a little bit of a new direction, a new face.”

I think he’s right, just not sure why he thinks a “new” face would be his. I’m not sure if he is/isn’t a Bushy, but I do know he hasn’t done a thing to get in his way. Thusly, he has enabled war profiteers to cripple our country; (link...)

Who is who?

Looks like “Our Voice” applies mostly to the minority of Blount Citizens. Maybe the “who’s who” crowd?

No, no - remember they are the "A-list!"

Guess we are the C or D List.

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