Dec 16 2007
By: mello  shortURL

NW Blount County reporting in... it is snowing right now!

Snowing here, too!

Quite energetically, as well.

What a turn, after the horrendous high winds last night.

Northeast Blount reporting

Northeast Blount reporting no snow. Had a tiny bit of wintry precipitation on my walk. Send some snow our way.

Time to raid Wally World,

Time to raid Wally World, Food City, and Kroger. There better not be any milk or a single loaf of bread in Blount County by noon, today.

Sleet and light snow in Maryville

Just a little bit of sleet and snow-looking precipitation in Maryville this morning. And then it was gone. Nothing sticking.

darn snow!

We can very clearly hear what we think is a large flock of sandhill cranes but these very low and heavy snow clouds are making it impossible to see the birds.

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