Dec 17 2007
By: Dumping Ground  shortURL

If doctors found a way to cure amnesia and/or Alzheimer's, but could only bring back one lifelong strain of taught memories, what would you choose between religion and education?


I'd really rather remember every funny comment my kids have made, and that wonderful "new baby" smell of their hair when they were tiny.

And can I just say that I really wish I could FORGET that long, long list of prepositions that I had to learn in 5th grade? I really think it is taking up much too much space in my RAM.


I've pretty successfully managed to forget that list of prepositions. Trigonometry has been summarily dismissed from my mind. Spanish verbs? All gone. Geography? Pretty much everything I used to know is MIA. OTOH, apparently stupid useless stuff like the theme song from Gilligan's Island sticks around forever...

I would just

I would just like to be able to remember the 70's..........

I would just like to be able

I would just like to be able to remember the 70's..........

Ha, ha... Wouldn't most boomers?

I pick eductation, which would/could cover religion.


It's overrated. So is education. I'd pick the life lessons that were taught to me in life.

My car keys!

Dad taught me to drive with a standard-four on the floor! Doc, give me back that lesson and I'll be on the open road! Well, when I remember where I put the car keys. Of course, then begs the question: Would I know where the heck I was going?? Or, would it really matter? :-)

Recapture / relive the years leading up Apollo...

I would like to recapture / relive the years leading up Apollo moon landings.
Western civilization peaked during the Apollo program's visits to the Moon and space.
You can see the mountains and valley of the Apollo 15 landing site through telescopes on Earth.

I do however like and enjoy the Gilligan's Island theme. As a Physicist, I am impressed that the professor could build a Geiger counter out of Bamboo.

Forrest Erickson

My Childhood memories

If I could have memories that were as if I was reliving something it would be of when I was a child, about 8-12 years old. Christmas with my family, snow days and sledding and not a care in the world, except maybe having to get up and go to church on Sunday. I could also tell Mr. Leung, my math teacher that I really will have no use for Geometry! mrsbrad04

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