Dec 18 2007

I wonder if the Pellissippi Parkway Extension controversy prompted this?

The constant drumbeat of the

The constant drumbeat of the road building machine is that eco-terrorists like CAPPE can cause, gasp, delays!! So it is no shock that they have tried to con the people who are supposed to protect the environment (TDEC) into "streamlining" all these annoying obstacles to fulfilling every American's God-given right to drive anywhere. CAPPE's lawsuit was TDOT's first and only case of citizens actually causing them to stop a project, so it at least further encouraged them to try to hurry things up before citizens notice what they are up to.

Maybe they're just planning

Maybe they're just planning on constructing round-a-bouts where traffic signals are, building an electric passenger rail line, creating a County-Wide trolley system, and enacting pollution fines to throttle back MKAA air pollution. I would think that's what TDEC would be into, don't you?

viva Evo Morales


Keep in mind it's not an extension is a completion.


I don't think the PPE will stop at US 321. It will go on to loop to 411, and eventually INterstate 3 will hook up to it, going all the way to Savannah. Thanks Tutt.

Also known as...

...the Southern Loop.

It will go on to loop to 411...


hmmm not a mention of PP in this article (link...)
or many other articles that I've read today, In fact not a mention of TN at all. Maybe you are talking about a northen loop or perhaps the eastern/western loop. No I got it Pellissippi Parkway just ends at U.S. 321, thus the completion.

So Johnnyo, what is with the

So Johnnyo, what is with the "completion" fetish? The Southern Loop, which would do pretty much what FarmerJohn says, is still on the long range road construction list of the Transportation Planning Organization. Lots of people are opposed to that but too many of them think it is no longer in the plans so they do not connect the dots, or the roads. If they extend the PP to US321, it will take 10 minutes for proponents of paving to start the drumbeat for "extending" the PP around to 411 and then to the PP and Topside.

It will only be "completed" when the whole loop is done. The mistake of not paying attention now to the "logic" of the thinking of the Pavers is why we get to hear people point out that the opponents of the PPE "waited too long" to object.

Your acceptance of the Pavers' hijacking of the terminology is dangerous, unless you are in favor of the whole Loopy idea.

It's no fetish it's a Fact.

It's no fetish it's a Fact. PP will be completed and will end at us 321!

From what I’ve read the whole loop thing is off the books anyhow, considered "unfunded" for now. (link...)

I'm not in any acceptance of any loop despite your thoughts of where I stand on PP.

Where are the facts about this proposed loop? I'd like to read more info on this...

pickin up the pieces

yo johnny, here's a statement in the link you provided

"McClain said the state has said it is too expensive now and that the local officials need to try to get it built in sections, like Pellissippi Parkway."

The section of the exisiting pellissippi parkway from Aloca Highway to Old Knoxville Highway was built purely by state dollars without federal spending. Why would TDOT spend such money without federal help to extend the road???? Because they did not have to follow stricter federal regulations for transportation planning. No public hearings, no questions, just build. Oh, and there's Clayton plant at the existing terminus - I believe Clayton was promised the road would at least go to Old Knoxville Highway when he located there.

Johnnyo, you have to check

Johnnyo, you have to check the Long Range Plan of the Knoxville Metro Transportation Planning Organization: ((link...))

When they had the Long Range Plan posted, it had the Southern Loop on it. When it is gone from that list, we can relax about it. Until then, it is just marking time so they can say they've been planning for it a long time. TDOT largely takes their marching orders from the TPO, which sucks because only the Mayor and our Planner have direct input.

I think that sucks, because most Blount Countians never even hear notice of any meetings.


No I got it Pellissippi Parkway just ends at U.S. 321, thus the completion.


No I got it Pellissippi Parkway just ends at Lambert Acres Golf course, thus the begining.

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