Dec 18 2007


Blount judge criticized for turning person away

I am frankly disgusted and embarrassed to be a Blount County resident. As I read the quote of Young in that story, he had admitted turning away a person seeking redress in his court

Accordingly, he is unfit for the bench and certainly unfit for the support of officeholders who also take an oath to uphold the Constitution. That oath is obviously not worth the paper it is written on in Blount County.

Good golly, go read the whole LTTE. The Blount County GOP will have to hold the next pro judge / anti free press rally in Knoxville.

Testicular Fortitude

Well, at least this author had the testicular fortitude to put his name down. I'm sure Cunningham's goon squads will be parading through Rockford soon.

Liberal Spin!

Calixto was an illegal alien appearing in Young’s courtroom seeking a judicial process for which she improperly filed. Why can’t liberals deal with this?

Why do LIEberals insist that Young denied her order of protection because she was an illegal alien?

On a side note…Does anyone know if the Daily Times has actually stated what documents they have that “prove” Calixto’s legal status? It has already been established that neither a current Employment Authorization Document nor a Tennessee “Driver’s Certificate” prove current legal residency.


Glass is half-empty to some

Why are you so convinced Mrs. Calixto is ILlegal? What documents did YOU look at?

Prove it.

Calixto’s inability to provide documentation proving her legal status is the only proof necessary to conclude that she is an illegal alien. Keep in mind; the burden of proof is on the foreign born national to prove they are here legally. If you think she’s here legally, prove it.






Let me guess...

So if you can't pull the document out of your purse the first time you are asked, any documents in process with the government (which was the case, through 2009) or back in your car, or at home in a drawer are automatically rendered obsolete. Right? Admit it: it wouldn't matter to you if she drove to your house and showed you her papers today - you'd still say that she's "illegal" because she didn't have the papers in process to show Dale Young on that day at that moment. Correct?

Do you really believe all people are guilty until proving innocent? And that they only have that one initial opportunity to prove that innocence. If ever a loved one of yours is falsely accused of something, may they not be met with that same philosophy.

Your raving that she IS illegal is to distract from the fact that NO ONE SHOULD HAVE ASKED HER FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. It was utterly irrelevant in the circumstance she was in.

We'd be having this discussion if she was illegal, too. She went in there for a divorce and an order of protection and left with neither, because the judge refused to serve "illegals." This case is about immigrants having a right to their day in court regardless of their status.

Her legal status has been proven to my satisfaction - not that it is any of my business.

Me thinks thou doest protest too much

How about her renewal application for the TPS program? How about a letter from her immigration lawyer explaining the TPS program and stating that Ms. Calixto has kept her status current since she entered the program. How about her current card which is good until 2009. Naw none of these papers will prove anything to you.
All these brown skinned people just got to be illegal, right? I bet you got some ideas about black people also. Do all black people dance well, Lester?
When I need to prove Tennessee residency I will show a rent receipt, utility reciept, bank statement, driver's license and such. I am a white woman who says ya'll just right so nobody questions my residency. Is there a different standard for people of color or maybe with a little yankee in their tone of voice.
This whole ordeal is making a laughing stock out of Blount County. We are looking like a county full of redneck KKK flag waving morons.
As for her paperwork for the Order of protection, Ana was assisted by one of the city's Spanish speaking officers. Are you suggessting that this officer did not understand how to fill out a legal form? If he's speaking that thar Spanish he may not be too bright, huh?
Oh Lester, what happened to the days when we could keep the black folk over in Alcoa (oh you remember what everybody called that area), there were no Hispanics, and nobody questioned anything the government did? White power, just say it! We know you want to...

Flag Wavin Morons

Black folks ain't just in Alcoa anymore either it's looking pretty close to a 50/50 split now-a-days between Maryville. Now throw in the Mexican's and whatcha got?

Now throw in the Mexican's

Now throw in the Mexican's and whatcha got?

Cultural diversity




Hey, now wait a minute. I've been thick skinned so far, but why is Liberal a bad thing? I am a Tree-Huggin' Left-Wing Socialist Liberal (no longer even a Democrat), and I am disgusted with the way Right-of-Centers call themselves Conservatives when they spend like mad (our grandkids money by-the-way), on Corporate Welfare in a country far far away, waving the Banner of War on Terror, Incorporated, as a guise to cover up their Predatorial Capitalistic Nightmarish Wet-Dreams of World Domination and Corporate Rule. Our country was turned belly up by de-regulating and privatizing everything. Folks are forced to go to the Internet and read Foreign Newspapers to get real news, unless they're comfortable with being lulled to sleep, with the sounds of Neo-Con Lullabies. So, please tread lightly on the Liberal comments, for I think you ought to research the title before it is trashed so Liberally.

viva Evo Morales

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