Dec 19 2007
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If the Blount County Planning Commission wants to regulate ridge-top and hillside development to protect scenic sections of the county, the first step is deciding what’s worth protecting.


I don't think any of it should be protected. They should set a limit on height. If they "protect" areas, they will just be protecting the current development of Berrong and Slater (Overlook) and the future development of Alexander and Beall (3 Sisters). Let them deal with what the rest of us have been dealing with the past two decades.

To protect anything at this point, would just be protecting their ass-ets.

What do you think?

I think we are about to see

I think we are about to see what will become the biggest conflicted interests this county has ever seen.

I disagree with you, Dumping Ground

I get physically ill everytime I drive through Wear's Valley. This is not just where I live, it is my "homeplace." I'm not going to sit by and watch the ridgetops filled with 4 story "log cabins" that look like warts. I'm going to get involved in the process, as best I can, and I want to encourage all the rest of you thinking, visionary, progressive folk to do so, as well.

Read before you eat local

I came across this website and also felt ill. I rarely get out there anymore due to tourist traffic. My great grandmother, Mary Trotter Walker, lived and died in Wears Valley. Mattox Cemetery holds the graves of many of the family.



Don't you love it when they call beautiful open fields "vacant land"? Like there's something MISSING or something??? What are they thinking up there?


Those there are who I'm worried about

I don't want anything else on ridgetops either, that's why I suggested a height limit. And I don't want to see anything else built either, but I also don't want to make anyone else's land assets worthless while "protecting" the land of the good ol boys either. For you, myself and those who live in Wears Valley - the "new" view is already worthless if the goal is see the beauty of the mountains we grew up with. Same goes for Chihowee and soon to be Three Sisters.

I advocate not making those who live in the area have worthless land. When they do get to the point of total disgust and decide to move, I don't want them deprived of at least getting the money to relocate from the sale of their property.

I guess I'm meaner than you are

Not only will EVERYONE be deprived of financial value of their land if our viewshed is destroyed, but also the intrinsic and sentimental value of it. My people have been on their land for more than half a century, with a view that still makes one cry for sheer joy. Or at least it will for another 6 months or so, thanks to Otto Slater, allegedly Jim Berrong, and friends.

It makes me sick to look at their website ((link...)) and read: "A view that will never change." Meanwhile, destroying much of the natural and historic value in Look Rock and the Tower, and the whole view from Happy Valley and the Foothills Parkway, and who knows what you'll be able to see from the Maryville side.

I don't think anyone's land is worthless, just because it isn't allowed to develop warts. There are many fine examples around of how you can put in houses without denuding an area or destroying the ridgetop/views. And some areas, of a certain slope, are just NOT meant to be built on. Check out where they carved in those roads at "Overlook at Montvale." Those could slide right off the mountain one day. It has happened fairly regularly on the Foothills Parkway - I remember one time after an earthquake we had when I was a kid that a huge section just disappeared. Anyone else remember that?

Just had a thought...

DG, do you mean altitude? Like they shouldn't build above a certain altitude?

I was disagreeing with your height limit because I thought you meant height of the building. If you meant altitude/height up the side of the mountain, I could probably buy that.

There's this one ridiculous house on Chilhowee Mountain that you can see from virtually everywhere in Six Mile. I don't know if it is that it is built too high up the mountain, or that they ripped out all the trees so as not to obstruct their view, or that they needed to build farther back in their hollow, but it is quite a blight for the rest of the valley. There's a similar house you can see from behind Heritage High School. If someone could figure out how to prevent that, that would be good.

There are some places where whole neighborhoods are built fairly high up that you cannot see roads or rooftops from anywhere else. So it is definitely possible to develop without ruining the area for tourism or views.

I'm sure it would be key to require certain covenants be followed: only bulldoze in the footprint of the house, so the trees and natural shape of the ridge remain; no booger lights; encourage native landscape, etc.

Altitude v height

Sorry for being vague. Yes, local the height I was referring to could have been better explained by using altitude. I would advocate one level for building, two max. The notion these mini hotels are cabins is a joke. Speaking to Pigeon Forge hotel owners I know, these mini hotels have put a hurt on Pigeon Forge hotel business and beyond. If the hotels aren't full, the parkway with all its shopping and attractions loose traffic.

What they are doing with these "cabins" is destroying more than the view. It's not only hurt Pigeon Forge, it will hurt the areas these "cabins" are built, as they will unfortunately follow PF's example and feel the need to offer the same crap.

Take a look at that Sevier County study

Thanks for clarifying, DG.

I think the building height must relate to the specific surroundings and not be just an arbitrary number of stories, etc. I'm going to post later some things from North Carolina and some other mountain states.

Septic Horrors

Slate perks horizontally. All of these new mountain top developments will be putting underground Septic Systems in Slate. Folks living downhill will get drainage that will effect ground water and suprise folks who are on Wells.

viva Evo Morales

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